Why should twins only marry twins

Crazy: Twins marry twins - but it gets even crazier

A dream comes true for the twin sisters Brittany and Briana: They also marry twins. But that's not enough for them and so they go one better

Who's who now ?! The question was certainly asked several times at this wedding. The two sisters Brittany and Briana, 32, from the USA are twins and have always dreamed of marrying twins as well. Said and done. They recently married twin brothers Josh and Jeremy, 34. Those who think this is crazy will be amazed, because it can be even crazier.

Twins marry twins

Everything was identical. The wedding dresses, the suits, the hair, the make-up ... Not that it confused the wedding guests enough, the twin couples added one more thing. They were married by identical twin priests. No joke."It was like a fairy tale! As if a dream came true"Briana told People magazine. "I can remember when we were in kindergarten and I knew - this is the right thing for us!", so the 32-year-old bride continues.

Twins want to live together

But even the confusing twin wedding is far from enough. The quartet would like to move into a house and live there together. Josh also talks about her marriage proposal in an interview with "People" magazine. And how should it be otherwise: Josh and his brother of course got down on their knees at the same time. I see! By the way, the wedding took place in a small town near Ohio - in "Twinsburg" to be precise.

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