What is a luxury vinyl tile

What is design flooring

Designflooring brings the timeless beauty of natural flooring into your home without the hassle of other floors. Floors with the wonderful individuality of natural wood grain, the luminosity of marble and the subtle textures of lime and slate, but much easier to install and maintain. You can create an even more individual-looking floor by laying the flooring at different angles or patterns, or by choosing borders or design strips.

Each plank and tile is designed for maximum authenticity. They don't look uniform and mass-produced, but replicate the great characteristics of natural materials. Colors are defined with variable colors and tones, just as they occur in wood or stone.

Comfortable and practical, design flooring is softer, feels warmer and is easier to clean, without the porous properties of wood and some types of stone.

This luxury and comfort is not at the expense of resilience, design flooring is hard-wearing. We use the latest technologies and the most durable materials to make design flooring as resistant as possible.

One of the characteristic features of Designflooring floor coverings are the extremely adaptable collections. Our customers have the opportunity to create a floor with a unique, personal style using design strips, borders and design elements.

To complement or contrast the floorboards or tiles, trim strips can be used to create detailed features such as a frame or a natural-looking joint effect. Every room can be accentuated by adding decorative borders to furniture and room perimeters or by laying the planks and tiles in certain patterns.

To create an even more distinctive look, customers can integrate one of eight personalized design flooring design features. If customers prefer to create their own design features, design flooring can work with retailers to create a really special space feature.