Do football coaches also need agents

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In addition, references or ratings help with the selection of player agents. Because is also an online evaluation portal in which advisors are evaluated by players, parents, sports directors and other interest groups. For example, soccer players can find a large selection of FIFA player agents and consulting firms in the database that are active in the transfer market.

The evaluation is based on 7 criteria. The first thing is the Expertise of the advisor in the respective sport rated. Then the competency of the player agent in relation to the Career planning estimated. Besides, that will domestic and foreign network of the consultant judged. In addition, the increasingly important marketing and media skills are assessed. There are two other factors negotiation skills and the Availability of the advisor. Finally, other competencies such as retirement provision, tax advice, legal advice are assessed.

Our platform is characterized by the fact that it is the first review portal in this form. As a result, agencies are rated based on the criteria mentioned. Thus, ensures a previously unavailable quality monitoring in the field of players' agents. In particular, the independence and seriousness of the portal ensure that players, parents and other interest groups can objectively get an idea of ​​the advisors.