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10 stereotypes all Indians hate

India may still be developing, but it's definitely not something straight out of the pictures of Slumdog Millionaire . While the country has either moved on or is not hampered by generalization, here are the stereotypes that Indians still hate.

That most Indians are poor but happy

So what's in Slumdog millionaire and Anthem for the weekend ? I am sure that no one has missed the slums and happy children. Well, the Indian population is divided into three basic population groups - the poor, the middle class and the rich. Even if there is poverty in the country, the largest economic group is the middle class (good packages, good lifestyle and good homes). Also, some of the richest people in the world live in India. So yeah, Indians hate it when you just assume they come from poor backgrounds.

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That Indians speak Hindu fluently and strongly accented English

First things first, it's Hindi, not Hindu. Believe us, nobody is fluent in religion. Not everyone sings or stretches out their words in English. The country actually has the second largest English-speaking population in the world and the majority speaks the language fluently.

All Indians are IT experts

The Indians have shown their talent in various fields besides the information technology sector. To name just a few current popular figures from India - Priyanka Chopra (acting / singing), Prime Minister Narendra Modi (politics), A.R.Rahman (music), Mahendra Singh Dhoni (sports) and Amartya Sen (literature). In short, the talent pool in India is huge and diverse.

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Indian cuisine is all about butter chicken or spicy curry / tikka

In fact, the regional diversity of the country is also reflected in the food. Butter chicken, chicken masala and tikkas are just a small part of any of the cuisines served in India. Each of India's 29 states has its own specialty. The selection from every state and region together makes up the country's varied menu.

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India is all about singing and dancing.

Maybe at weddings, but nobody in India starts dancing and singing for no apparent reason, despite what Bollywood has shown us over the years. Additionally, you might be surprised that not every Indian likes typical Bollywood movies (gasp!). Yup, globalization happened and Indians got introduced to Game of Thrones and other amazing entertainment options.

That they know every Indian you've met

The generations to come and existing in India cannot remember their distant relatives. Worse, they don't know. So just happen to know every other Indian just because they're in a foreign country - very slim chances.

All marriages are arranged by the Indian parents

In all honesty, the parents in India are much more liberal than they are portrayed anywhere. Even if the majority of marriages are arranged in India, the number of love marriages has certainly increased. Also, marriages are no longer forced on children these days when they are the right age (Nobody knows the right age anymore.)

All Indians are good at yoga

Some Indians do not have flexible bones in their bodies, so yoga is out of the question for every Indian. India might be known for yoga, but assuming every Indian knew their asanas, you might be disappointed. In conclusion, everyone should try because it's great.

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That Indians automatically become vegetarians because they adore the cow!

Indians have a mix of vegetarians, non-vegetarians, vegetarians, and vegans. All butter chicken, chicken masala, tikkas, kebabs and a variety of other non-vegetarian dishes are enjoyed by the masses in India.

India is so hot

The weather in India changes with the seasons. India has hot summers, pleasant springs, very humid monsoons and extremely cold winters. More importantly, the weather is not the same across the country. Where the coastal regions are more humid, the mountain stations are pleasant all year round.

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