How are the Indian banknotes numbered

Banknotes Graded by PMG, Attributions and Reference Works

PMG provides the PMG certification label with attributions in accordance with the usual reference catalogs of the banknote industry. Below is a list of the attributions and reference catalogs used by PMG.

US banknotes

"Friedberg" refers to that Paper Money of the United States by Arthur and Ira Friedberg.

  • US large format sheet music - based on Friedberg
  • US small format notes - based on Friedberg and Standard Guide to Small Size US Paper Money by John Schwartz and Scott Lindquist
  • US colonial notes - based on Friedberg and The Early Paper Money Of America by Eric Newman and Stuart Levine
  • US factional notes - based on Friedberg, The Encyclopedia of United States Fractional & Postal Currency by Milton Friedberg and A Collector's Guide To Postage & Fractional Currency by Robert Kravitz
  • U.S. Military Certificates of Payment (MPC) - based on the Military Payment Certificates by Fred Schwan
  • Confederate and State Currency - based on Friedberg, Confederate and Southern StatesCurrency by Grover Criswell, Collecting Confederate Paper Money by Pierre Fricke, Southern States Currency by Hugh Shull, A Guide Book of Counterfeit Confederate Currency by George Tremmel and Comprehensive Catalog and History of Confederate Bonds by Douglas B. Ball, Ph.D.
  • US Obsolete Currency - based on Standard Catalog of United States Obsolete Bank Notes 1782-1866 by James Haxby as well as on individual state books by various authors
  • US National Banks Large Format Notes - based on National Bank Notes by Don Kelly
  • US National Banks Large Format Notes - based on National Bank Notes by Don Kelly
  • US error notes - based on US Paper Money Errors by Frederick J. Bart as well US Error Note Encyclopedia by Stephen M. Sullivan

World banknotes

"Pick" refers to that developed by Albert Pick and im Standard Catalog of World Paper Money system described, edited by Tracy Schmidt.

  • Australian banknotes - based on pick and Rennik's Australian Coin and Banknote Values by Eddie Cummings
  • Belgian emergency money- based on Belgium's Monetary History of the Great War 1914-1918 by Alain Debelder
  • Canadian banknotes "Bank of Canada" and "Dominion of Canada" - Based on the Charlton Standard Catalog of Canadian Government Paper Money, edited by R. J. Graham
  • Canadian Charter Banknotes - based on the Charlton Standard Catalog of Canadian Bank Notes, edited by R. J. Graham
  • Chinese banknotes - based on pick and Chinese banknotes by Ward Smith and Brian Matravers
  • Cuban banknotes - based on pick and Cuba 1781-1898 Paper Money of the Spanish Colonial Period by Pavel Meleg
  • Banknotes of the Dominican Republic - based on pick and El Papel Moneda Dominicano by Isaac Rudman and Miguel Estrella
  • UK banknotes - based on pick and English Paper Money by Vincent Duggleby, edited by Pam West
  • Hong Kong, China & Macau, China Bank Notes - based on pick and Hong Kong, China & Macau, China Numismatic Reference 1846-2014 by K.N. Boon
  • Indian banknotes - based on Pick and The Revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money by Kishore Jhunjihunwalla and Rezwan Razack
  • Irish banknotes - based on pick and Paper Money of Ireland by Bob Blake and Jonathan Callaway, edited by Pam West
  • Korean banknotes - based on Pick, D&K and K&C
  • Mexican banknotes - based on pick and Mexican Paper Money, edited by Cory Frampton, Duane Douglas, Alberto Hidalgo, and Elmer Powell
  • Paraguayan banknotes - based on pick and Billetes del Paraguay by Miguel Ángel Pratt Mayans
  • Paraguayan banknotes - based on pick and Tokens and Vouchers from Paraguay by Miguel Ángel Pratt Mayans
  • Polish banknotes - based on pick and Catalog of Polish Banknotes by Czeslaw Mitczak
  • Sarawak, Malaysia, Straits Settlements, Malaya, Malaya & British Borneo, Singapore, Brunei - based on pick Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore Banknotes & Coins, edited by K.N. Boon
  • All other world banknotes - based on pick

Other banknotes

PMG evaluates other types of paper collectibles, such as fun money (fantasy money), scrip, tickets and coupons.

  • Satire notes
  • Fantasy notes
  • Any type of theme park paper money - Disney Dollars, Universal, Dollywood, Knott's Berry Farm, etc.
  • Expo tickets - World Exhibition, Pan-Pac, etc.
  • Tickets for political Congresses - DNC, RNC, etc.
  • Souvenir cards
  • Reprints of original printing plates
  • POW money - Money from prisoners of war and internment camps, mainly from the First and Second World Wars
  • Provisional banknotes from England and Wales => so ok
  • Israeli Scrip - cataloged in Alexander Golbergs Catalog of Paper Payment Tokens in Israel
  • Dry rubber - Export coupons - from Malaya, Ceylon and Dutch East Indies
  • Means of payment for cities, districts and chambers of commerce- cataloged in Les Billets des Chambres de Commerce 1914-25 by Jean Pirot
  • Official currency of the French colonies - cataloged in Maurice Kolskys Les traités officielles aux Xviiième et Xixème et Xixème Siècles
  • Confederate States Provisional Depository Receipts
  • Filipino emergency money and guerrilla currency
  • Travelers checks
  • Stocks and bonds

Some paper collector's items do not qualify for numerical grading, but PMG will provide a descriptive label. These are assessed on a case-by-case basis and include:

  • Artist's renditions - a hand-drawn drawing of a banknote
  • Watermarked paper
  • Vignettes

Important instructions:

PMG arranges most of the world banknotes by "Pick" catalog numbers that are in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money are listed. These catalogs are continuously updated by Krause Publications and some catalog numbers are changed from time to time. As a result, some PMG certified banknotes may be labeled with an outdated pick catalog number.

Changes to the pick catalog numbers are completely beyond the control of PMG and PMG can therefore not be held responsible for notes that are no longer correctly assigned due to a later change to the pick numbering on the PMG label. When allocating banknotes, PMG uses the latest pick catalog numbers in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. For PMG-certified notes that have an outdated pick catalog number, PMG will reduce its re-holder fee to € 5 to update the pick number on the label. In the same way, PMG will offer the reduced ReHolder fee of € 5 to update labels for notes that were previously given a "Pick Unlisted" number and that have since been assigned a specific Pick catalog number.

This list is not exhaustive and is updated at regular intervals. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at +49 (89) 550 66 780 or [email protected].

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