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TV movie "In the name of the bride"

Tilmann P. Gangloff
Peter Gersina staged “In the Name of the Bride” in places as an unrestrained slapstick revue. The script is full of faux pas that the characters are forced into. The game with expectations works. This comedy is so over the top it makes tears laugh; even if some of the gags shamelessly aim below the belt ...

This comedy is so over the top it makes tears laugh; even if some of the gags shamelessly aim below the belt. The figures are only a little bit off the track; but sometimes that's enough to throw things completely off balance. It all starts with a passionate night that Kim (Ellenie Salvo Gonzáles) spends with Frenchman Jerome (Mickey Hardt). There is nothing wrong with that, but Kim is planning on getting married the next day; and not Jerome, but Paul (Stephan Luca), who will be at the door at some point. Jerome is still there, but not Kim, who only got into the garage on the way to the hairdresser and passed out there due to an accident. Meanwhile, her best friend Nina (Annette Frier) is trying to remove Jerome's traces, which is not so easy when you have to look after an escaped budgie and somehow repair the wedding dress that was a little too small for her; no wonder, it belongs to Kim too.

The chaos is completed by Kim's parents, who constantly catch everyone involved in ambiguous situations. In the meantime, the useless pastor smokes at you for lack of employment and understands just as little as everyone else why the neighbor keeps standing in front of the door with new dead pets. The doorbell rings all the time anyway, and sometimes it's the police who are looking for a nocturnal speedster. Of course, that was Kim, who has come to in the meantime, but without a memory. Suddenly she finds Jerome much more desirable as a bridegroom, while Paul and Nina discover that their ongoing argument couldn't prevent mutual attraction.

Peter Gersina (script and direction) was the author of the wonderful comedy "The strange behavior of sexually mature urbanites during the mating season" and stages "In the name of the bride" in places as an unrestrained slapstick revue. The script, which Gersina wrote together with producer Benjamin von Mallinckrodt, is bursting with faux pas into which the characters are forced. The authors also play their game with expectations: Of course, it is clear that someone will fall into the huge wedding cake; but when it does finally happen, the mishap takes place outside of the picture. When poor Nina also unwittingly feeds Ayurvedic purgatory suppositories, the level of humor takes on anal traits, but Annette Frier plays the inevitably following scene so gracefully that it is not embarrassing, but rather funny.

Tilmann P. Gangloff has been a freelance television and film critic for daily newspapers and specialist magazines since 1985, has been a regular member of the jury for the Grimme Prize since 1990 and a member of various other television award juries.

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"In the name of the bride"
Pro Sieben / TV film / comedy
EA: December 30, 2006, 8.15 p.m. (Pro Sieben)
With Annette Frier, Ellenie Salvo Gonzalez, Stephan Luca, Saskia Vester, Herbert Knaup, Michael Brandner and Mickey Hardt
Script: Peter Gersina, Benjamin von Mallinckrodt
Director: Peter Gersina
Camera: Wolfgang Aichholzer
Production company: Rich & Happy


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