What is a racking horse

Racking Horse

Racking Horse
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Important data
Origin:USA, 1970
Main breeding area:United States
Stick measure:150-160 cm
Colours:all including checks
Main application area:

The Racking Horse is an American gaited horse breed, which was created around 1970 with the establishment of its own register and the determination of the breeding goal. Tennessee Walking Horse lines were significantly involved in the breeding. The breed has its own organization that Racking Horse Breeders' Association of America, based in Decatur, Alabama.

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The racking horse is about 150 to 160 cm tall. It comes in all colors, including piebalds.


The racking horse's temperament is moderate to calm.


In addition to the three basic gaits of walk, trot and canter, the racking horse has another gait, the rack, a four-stroke gait that is run smoothly and is similar to the tölt of Icelandic horses. The pace of this gait is very variable and can be ridden at speeds of up to 50 km / h from the slow working pace, the show rack, to the fast rack, to the racing pace, the speed rack.

Breeding history

The history of the Racking Horse dates back to before the American Civil War. The breeding organization Racking Horse Breeders' Association of America was founded in May 1971.

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