Does the Christmas holiday spoil Santa Claus?

Appeal: Expensive gifts should never come from “Santa Claus!”

Surely many of you have already got your first presents for Christmas, haven't you? Nothing is more beautiful than bright children's eyes when unpacking Christmas presents.

But not all families have the same size: While one child is allowed to unpack the latest iPad, another may get new socks. This is exactly what a social worker posted a rather critical post that makes you think.

Never looked at it like that.

Posted by Champ Torres on Wednesday 28th Oct 2020

"I can't stress it enough: stop telling your kids that their iPhones, iPads and $ 200 toys are from Santa Claus," urges Megan Dunn on Facebook. But what could be the reason for their appeal? Is it about her that we shouldn't spoil our children too much? Or should Christmas be celebrated less materialistically?

Children are afraid that Santa won't like them

No, Megan has something else in mind. Unfortunately, through her job as a social worker, she has heard the same sad story over and over again: "Some families just can't afford gifts this expensive. Small children then wonder why they only get socks, a coat or used toys from Santa Claus, while other children get an iPad. "

Parents have already told her twice, tearfully, "that their children asked whether they were not good enough for Santa Claus or whether he would not love them as much as other children." It is understandable that this also breaks the heart of the parents. After all, they too do their best to keep their kids happy. Expensive toys are simply not included in some families.

A clear appeal to all parents

When the little ones later compare with their friends who got what from Santa Claus, then in the children's eyes it looks as if their peers might have been favored by Santa Claus. At worst, they blame themselves for not being so generous ...

That is why the social worker has a good idea and a clear appeal to all parents: “Harvest the laurels for these gifts yourself. Santa Claus didn't buy this iPad, mom and dad did. Let Santa Claus bring the less expensive gifts and feel blessed that you can afford gifts that others can only dream of. "

A right to expensive gifts?

With this idea, the Christmas magic will be preserved for everyone without children from low-income families getting the feeling that they are not good enough for Santa Claus. Sounds like a good solution, doesn't it?

But a wild discussion breaks out under the post: A lot of parents don't want Megan telling them how to treat their children. In the comments they hold on to their "right" to give their children expensive gifts from Santa Claus. However, some other parents support Megan's idea and report that they had similar experiences with their children.

How do you like the social worker's appeal?

Could you imagine telling your children that the more expensive gifts are from you? In any case, we think that the most important thing is that the gifts come from the heart and that something has been thought of, that can be done without enormous financial expense.

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