What are the best ideas for wrestling names

Tim Wiese himself does not yet know whether the Germans will like him. "You will definitely love me. Or you won't. I don't know." Maybe it doesn't matter. In any case, the 34-year-old is from now on the most famous wrestler in the country. On Thursday evening he fights in the ring for the first time, in the large Munich Olympic Hall. Many compatriots have just got to know a ritual of this exhibition fighting industry: The gladiator needs a name. A dangerous, terrifying name.

Since the announcement that Wiese wanted to go under the professional pounding, lists of suggestions have been circulating on the Internet. The ring name usually conveys a characteristic that distinguishes the respective fighter, a creatively packaged allusion. There are enough role models. Jack "Swagger" for example, whose last name is actually Hager. Definitely a pseudonym with ... swag. Can't complain. Or "Sheamus". Said wrestler is Irish, and Irish names are Sheamus / Seamus, everyone has known that since Harry Potter. Also beautiful is "Sin Cara", "without a face", until 2014 the name belonged to a Mexican who always wore a mask in the ring. Everything characteristic, creative, with recognition value.

Tim Wieses fight name is now: "The Machine". The WWE association assigned it to him. It is, with all due respect, disappointing. Well, the guy has now grown to the width of a washing machine and trained as disciplined as clockwork. And for the ring he decided: "There is only one goal and that is destruction." You can come up with something with a machine. The ring name is therefore characteristic, it can probably also be marketed. However, it has no recognition value. "The Machine" is also the name of a science fiction film and the darts player James Wade. And creative? Well

Not even a tiny play on words. So much wasted potential! It would even have been more imaginative to steal the name of the wrestling great "The Undertaker" and to call Wiese "The Underkeeper" based on his earlier goalkeeping activities. Further suggestions could be found on the internet: One of the best ideas was "Eraser from the Weser" - to erase means something like "to extinguish" in German. The WWE could have done a lot with his own name. "Gym Wiese" imposes itself, ironically also "Slim Tim", considering his body weight of 120 kilograms (all muscles). Also nice: "Wiesard of War", "Goaliath" or "Pink Panzer". The latter would be a nice homage to the screaming pink jerseys that Wiese used to wear with a poker face between the goal posts.

After all, the WWE has been resourceful not to send Wiese into the ring under his own name - some wrestlers do. But Tim Wiese? Sounds like a picnic. The association still missed some nice options, see above. It's a shame about the good opportunity. One could have liked an "Eraser from the Weser" - just because of the name.