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Nicolette Verstege - Santa Claus incognito

Santa Claus incognito


Humorous with a dash of romance and a guaranteed happy ending. These are the books by Nicolette Verstege.
With her debut novel "Never Kiss Your Best Friend", she landed a bestseller in the "Romantic Comedy" category on Amazon.
She writes full-time and has published her sixth novel "Kopflos in die Liebe".
She lives with her family in North Rhine-Westphalia, near Düsseldorf.


Yeah New city, new job. Hailey thinks it's perfect. Disguised as an elf, she works in a shopping mall during the run-up to Christmas. There she stands by Daniel's side, who has taken over the position of Santa Claus. She soon becomes fascinated by Daniel and can't wait to drive to work in the morning, but there is something about him that irritates her. As if that weren't enough, her brother Tim tries to pair her with his friend Jared, the arrogant owner of the mall, with whom she constantly clashes ...

My opinion

I actually only ordered the book to keep Amazon.de postage low, but in the end I wanted it. The blurb made me curious about the book, the fact that the cover is beautiful and eye-catching has of course contributed a lot to it. The story is very easy to read, so perfect for in between or just to switch off. The protagonists were all very sympathetic to me and I was able to empathize with them, especially when it comes to annoying mothers.
What I also like about the book is that it is a typical love story (something that doesn't just happen to you in real life (but that doesn't mean it can't happen after all) )). You can really switch off from there, provided you approach it without great expectations.


As I said, it's a good romance novel for in between. If you go without expectations of the story, you can have a good time with Hailey and the others. If you expect something more than just a typical love story, then it might disappoint.
I liked it and that's why there is from me .