Richmond University is a good school

University of Richmond

International Education: Students from nearly 80 countries come to Richmond to study for a semester or a full four years. You are actively involved in life on campus and enrich learning in the classroom every day. The Office of International Education provides additional support for these international students, exchange students, and academics at UR - a talented cohort that offers diverse perspectives to the student body.

Well-Being Center: In Richmond we take a holistic approach to wellness. We work to ensure that every student has easy access to wellbeing resources that support learning, success and a balanced life. Our Well-Being Center is a comprehensive and integrated facility that serves as a single point of contact for all health and wellness services on campus.

Career Services: The Office of Career Services offers students a comprehensive approach to career development by making it easy for them to train, prepare, and connect with alumni and employers, thereby enabling them all to achieve their professional goals.

Multicultural Affairs Office: The mission of the Multicultural Affairs Office (OMA) is to create a welcoming environment that supports the academic and personal development of multicultural students at the University of Richmond, and engages students overall to build an inclusive campus community. OMA's goal is to provide multicultural students with their own space, equipped with professionals dedicated to enhancing their UR experience.