Can a solar-powered light supply itself with electricity

Solar & LED lights - the advantages

The solar lights use the power of the sun for their light, donate brightness and do not require any sockets. They are functional and can be used anywhere. The solar lights, which, as universal lights, provide light in the garden as well as in the basement, get their energy from a rechargeable battery, which in turn is supplied with electricity by a solar panel. There are no electricity costs for operating the solar-powered universal light, no matter how long the light is on.

The advantages of solar lights with LED

The super bright LED lights are perfect for use as solar lights. You only need a tenth of the energy that an incandescent lamp of the same brightness would use. A solar panel and a rechargeable battery are sufficient to supply the universal light with the necessary energy. Dark paths in the garden, the entrance or the driveway can be illuminated just as efficiently as the boiler room, the loft, the tool shed in the garden or the garage. Together with the solar panel and the battery, the universal light can be used flexibly wherever light is needed, but no power lines are laid.

Switch on lights everywhere - without any power connection

In the garden, on the property, when camping: There are many places where no electricity is available because the electrical network is not enough everywhere. In addition, as the price of electricity rises, electricity consumption is becoming increasingly unattractive. Solar lights offer you an alternative lighting option with which you can use the free power of the sun and at the same time operate independently of the power grid. You don't pay a cent in electricity costs for the use of the universal light, you don't need to dig trenches to lay new power cables in the garden soil, you don't have to renovate old lines. The LED-operated lights do not need a meter connection, nor do they cause additional meter rent. You can mount the lights anywhere, no matter how remote the location may be.

The possible areas of application of the solar-powered lights

The lights can be used in public as well as on private or commercial premises:

  • You can use them to light up the walkways in the garden and around the house
  • Make the driveway to your house or your company bright and safe
  • or illuminate and secure a construction site at night

LEDs illuminate your house, your house number, your company sign: this is how you will be found by the parcel service as well as by your visitors and customers. With the lights that are independent of the power grid, you save money and at the same time protect our climate: Because electricity from sunlight does not emit harmful carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

Shaping the future with solar lights

With the universal light that is independent of the stationary power supply, you gain your freedom in terms of lighting technology. The sun provides you with the electricity you need. For us humans, it is the safest and largest source of constantly renewable energy that will provide us with clean and free energy for billions of years. Solar lights powered by solar energy are the first step towards a new type of energy generation. A few years ago the government announced that it would phase out the production of nuclear power. The change is now clearly visible: More and more people are turning to alternatives - and the generation of solar power is one of them. Although one nuclear power plant after the other is shut down and no longer supplies electricity to the grid, Germany can still export electricity. Renewable energies ensure that electricity prices on the electricity exchange are constantly falling. Unfortunately, the energy suppliers do not pass this price advantage on to you as the end consumer. With the LED universal light you will not only be independent of the power lines that have been laid, but also of the electricity price.

The advantages of LED lighting at a glance

Since the classic lightbulbs for lighting have had their day, LED lights have been on the rise. LED stands for: Light Emitting Diode and is an energy-saving technology that you can use flexibly anywhere. The LEDs have a long shelf life and are manufactured without mercury or other harmful substances. Immediately after switching on, the universal light shines with its full luminosity and does not start to flicker even after many years of operation. The solar lights have neither an infrared nor a UV component. you give bright light, illuminate the area very well, consume little electricity - which they also draw from the power of the sun. you Simultaneously relieve your budget and protect the environment.

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