How can I revive my spirit?

Translation of "to revive" in spanish

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Then you could theoretically have the relationship bring back to life.
Entonces en teoría podrías reavivar la relación.
You don't want the relationship bring back to life?
I think we should use this budget line bring back to life.
Hopefully she can keep the spirit of the Luxembourg decisions bring back to life.
Espero que pueda retomar el espíritu de Luxemburgo.
I will do that tomorrow bring back to life.
Creo que lo empezaré a aplicar mañana.
In 1950 Arendt had a relationship with Heidegger bring back to life, however, this remained ambivalent throughout his life.
En 1950, Arendt volvió a revivir la amistad con Heidegger, aunque se mantuvo ambivalent.
I thought she would do it for me bring back to life.
We need this mind bring back to life.
He wants his university time bring back to life.
With all your modesty about what you can achieve, we must not forget that we will, in one form or another, support the Stability and Growth Pact during your term of office bring back to life have to.
Pero su modestia sobre lo que puede conseguir no debe obscurecer la necesidad de resucitar el Pacto de Estabilidad y Crecimiento de una u otra forma durante esta Presidencia.
If you are interested in art bring back to life want, it might be a cheaper and less destructive way to spend your free time.
Quizás, si tú revives tu interés en el arte, sería un modo menos destructivo y costoso de pasar tus horas de ocio.
In calling for the Lamassoure report to mention genocide, I was not trying to mean age-old hatred bring back to life or rekindle intolerance, but rather express the legitimate concerns of the Armenian communities.
Lo que yo deseaba, al pedir que el informe Lamassoure hiciese referencia al genocidio, no era reavivar odios ancestrales o aventar las brasas de la intolerancia, sino hacerme eco de la preocupación legítima de las comunidades armenias.
He wants the hot Brown College nights bring back to life.
... tartando de reavivar esas noches de pasión en la universidad.
You could then put my filament in place bring back to life.
Puedes revivir mi filamento in situ.
It has the memories of that bring back to lifewhat you did to her.
Me trajo el recuerdo de lo que le hicieron.
We need the 1992 Delors Spirit bring back to life and ensure that by the end of the century a true single market is fully established.
Necesitamos reavivar el espíritu de Delors de 1992 y garantizar que antes de que finalice el siglo tendremos realmente un mercado único listo y funcionando.
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