What is oil cooling in the engine

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  • Hello, I wanted to take a look at the machine tomorrow and ask what to look out for, especially with the model
    and year of construction. Because it's already quite old and I wonder if the price is really justified,
    because it seems pretty high to me


    And a few more small questions where I would like some information, at least I would be very grateful for that

    How is the spare parts supply for the quad?
    How much is the trailer load because it is allegedly LOF approved? (Should only be for short timber transport)
    Is it suitable for easy terrain or not really?
    Is it now a 1 or 2 cylinder and is it air or oil cooled because you can find contradicting things on the internet?
    (because it had a SMC 170 and because the problem in the summer was that it ran too hot and then could not be started, which is big crap )
    Can you also use them for longer distances / tours?
    What is the general reliability of the machine like?

    Thanks in advance for the answers: Hello:

  • Hi,
    Where should I start:-)
    So it is an air-cooled single cylinder engine with 2 valves. In and of itself, these motors are very durable like a close-up machine :-) at approx. Should the crankshaft, etc. be re-stored. Spare parts are a dime a dozen, whether accessories, original, as far as everything is available. It is a well-established technique and nothing special, with a little skill you can do almost everything yourself :-).

    The quad you are looking at would be worth a maximum of 2200 me.

  • Hello

    The Warrior 350 is a rock solid quad, with a 6-speed manual transmission, 1 cylinder, air / oil cooling. approx. 27 hp. The spare parts supply is quite good, but special parts may have to be imported from the USA. My brother drives a Warrior 350 and no cylinder base gasket was available in Germany.
    Otherwise the part pulls off quite well, top speed is around 100 km / h, on the track you can make good progress at 85 km / h. The box is very economical, needs half as much as my Kawasaki KFX700. With the right tires, you can go really far off-road with the Warrior, because the low weight and the narrow track make it very manageable, I find the seating position a bit cramped, you sit very far in the quad, and you have a very high one Handlebars, but if you ride standing up in the field, this is again an advantage, the center of gravity is still very low.
    In general, however, it is a very compact quad, which could be disadvantageous if you are two meters tall yourself.

    It will probably not be so good for hauling wood, because you need an ATV with all-wheel drive, the Warrior is not designed for work either. Furthermore, the offer you have shown has road tires, that is, you still need a set of off-road tires for wood pulling.

    If the box is in good condition, you can spend 2500-2700 € on the offer, it is important that you pay attention to oil loss, to the tie rod ends, during the test drive for handlebar flutter, check the exhaust for leaks, also on the manifold, inspection intervals, gearshift Smooth running, the clutch slips, cracks in the frame, also under the seat bend, etc. a quad is an all-terrain vehicle, you shouldn't be blinded by mounted road tires, it can also have been tormented by the gravel pit.
    I hope I can help

  • Hello!

    Warrior 350X FAQ
    Everything you need to know about the Warrior is in there!

    So long!


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  • Moin ... that is wrong with the spare parts such as the foot seal from america. All parts are original yamaha available in 2-3 days


  • Yes, you can really get everything here :-)
    And it's just air cooled. Oil is a fuel. There is no oil cooling, the engine and thus the oil should be cooled with air, water or a rib oil cooler.

  • zaT: I can only refer to my brother's statement, at least he didn't find anything useful in the usual online shops.

  • it is normally only air-cooled, but there are some who have retrofitted an oil cooler to protect the engine.
    i'm 1.89 tall and i found the bench completely ok for me. with large tires and the appropriate sprockets, mene made about 110 km / h, so that a good 90 km / h travel speed was possible.
    and everyone has to decide for themselves whether it is suitable for long distances.
    I thought yes!
    1993 in Algeria:


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  • did you drive the warrior through the desert in Algeria? Cool thing..Is there a travel report?

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  • Ok, first of all thank you for the many answers

    That's how I looked at it today, in short I'm positive and would take it if he let himself be traded on 2500, not about it, because a lot still has to be done:

    Complete chain set
    Starter relay (meant it clicks every now and then) -> not a good sign from my point of view
    AHK is missing completely (electrics laid and socket available, but the ball head and the complete holder are missing)
    Taillight does not work (only brake light) -> converted to LED but the original is included and said it should work.

    There was no test drive at first because it rained like buckets and that would have been unreasonable. I'll do it tomorrow and then see what he means

    desert quad

    With long-distance suitability I meant the engine, whether it is designed for something or only tolerates short distances and fails at some point on long-distance / day trips

    And what about the cooling? Does it last even in summer at 40 degrees that you can drive longer (3-4) hours without it failing or not? That would be important for me to know

    P.S .: Just think it's funny: He said he was at the Tüv today and had a new one made and got it even though the AHK is missing, which is relevant at LOF. And hold the taillight. Is that even possible?

  • NO. With a defective taillight he will not have received a TÜV.

    In addition, without a trailer coupling, socket for the trailer, rear fog light and parking brake, you cannot get a LOF approval.


  • It looks like that, with the defect, he only got TÜV black.
    3 hours. At 40 degrees it is difficult to drive through, there may have to be an oil cooler.
    Personally, however, I find that it has too many shortcomings for the money and I doubt whether it has LOF or only half-prepared.

  • Maybe you should have just taken a look at the vehicle registration and the TÜV report.
    The LoF approval would certainly have been noticed.

    Best wishes

  • Personally, however, I find that it has too many shortcomings for the money and I doubt at all whether it has LOF or only half-prepared.

    I think that for a few more euros there are very nice vehicles at Mobile

  • Jop this is what it looks like. I also talked about it again with my girlfriend and we came to the conclusion that we'd rather take 200km into purchase as we are now in the ********

    And if then the maximum would be 2000 so that the rest can be put into the repairs, otherwise he has to find someone else.

    But where is the throttle located, just using the thumb throttle (i.e. adjusting screw) or somewhere else?

    Well, as I said, come back tomorrow, talk about it and then see further. but as I said, think that will be too little for him anyway and therefore look around for another

    But I think it will become one because the look has something Something completely different and somehow she looks like Wall-E I think it's really chic