What is the best Captain Morgan rum

Captain Morgen Rum from Jamaica in the online shop

How is Captain Morgan Rum made?

Rum Captain Morgen, like all rums, is made with sugar cane. First the sugar cane is chopped up and then pressed. Molasses is obtained which is fermented with yeast and water to form alcohol. Depending on which yeast you add, you determine the taste and aroma profile of the rum. Now it is distilled to produce Rum Captain Morgan. In the subsequent maturation, the rum is stored in barrels made of white oak. This gives the rum its taste and part of its color. At Captain Morgan, about two percent of the rum evaporates during storage. Then we mix Captain Morgan Rum from the Master Blender to achieve the soft aroma and the typical Captain Morgan taste. Flavors and spices are added for the Captain Morgan Spice.

Varieties of Captain Morgan Rum

The Captain Morgan Rum brand now sells numerous different bottlings. For the German market, however, only the Captain Morgan White, Spice, Black Label and Silver Spiced are offered. The much better and higher quality varieties can be found mainly in the USA. These are the Captain Morgan Parrot Bay, Captain Morgan Private Stock, Tattoo, 100 Proof, Lime Bite, Long Island Ice Tea, Black Spiced, Sherry Oak Finish, Cannon Blast, and 1671 Commemorative Blend.

Captain Morgan Price

Captain Morgan Spice is a typical supermarket rum. The price is determined by supermarkets. Captain Morgan Spice costs 700 ml. Around 10 to 11 euros and Captain Morgan Spice 1 liter around 14 euros. In the supermarket, however, only the Captain Morgan Spice varieties of low quality can be found. In our online shop we mainly sell very high quality Captain Morgan bottlings and Captain, who is normally not available in Germany.

Captain Morgan Mix

Captain Morgan Spice is great to mix with Cola. To bring Captain Morgan more into cocktails, there is now also the white rum from Captain Morgan. While the spice with the vanilla notes offers a taste experience, Captain Morgen White is mainly used in cocktails and long drinks. For the Captain Morgan Spice with Cola 40 ml. Spice is mixed with 100 ml. Cola and a slice of lime is added to the glass. To mix Captain Mojito, mint is grated on the hand and poured into the glass and made up with 25 ml. Sugar syrup. Add two slices of limes. Now the glass is filled to 3/4 with crushed ice and 40 ml. Captain Morgan White Rum is added. The rest is topped up with soda water. Just as popular is the Captain Morgan Ginger, where 40 ml. Captain Morgan Black is filled with 100 ml. Ginger Ale and garnished with a lime. With the Captain Morgan Radler you mix 40 ml. Captain Morgan Spice Gold with ice cubes and 125 ml. Light beer and 50 ml. Lemonade.

Most Captain Morgan rums can be found cheaply in our online shop. Buy the well-known rum from the Caribbean, some of which has been distilled five times, at an affordable price online. If you have any questions about Captain Morgan and rum, please do not hesitate to contact us.