Most rappers can sing real notes

DYMA, freshman in the Kassel rap game, talks to us about rapping, the role of his roommates and his “This is Kassel Rap” playlist on Spotify.

  • Rapper from Kassel creates an exclusive Kassel rap playlist on Spotify
  • His two roommates get involved and are fully behind him
  • The rapeseed scene in Kassel is "diverse"

Alexander Dymtchanov actually studies economics at the university kasselHowever, his big dream is to be able to make a career with his music in the future. The first steps have already been taken; Alexander, or DYMA, his stage name, is now on the popular music streaming app Spotify represented and made a playlist there, on which all of Kassel's rappers cavort.

You can find out more about his music, the role of his two roommates Max Dorn and Oliver Delfendahl and what's behind the playlist on Spotify in our interview.

How did you get into rap music?

DYMA: My first contact with music back then was hip-hop, especially German rap. Then I came into contact with Bushido, Eko Fresh and Kool Savas, who then became my role models musically somewhere. When I turned 15, I slowly started writing my own lyrics. I've been rapping myself for half a year.

How would you describe your music?

DYMA: Just from my life, often with a bit of fun and irony. I write and rap depending on my mood. I'm just very emotional and then I like to get into things. So with my songs I just process my emotions.

You brought your roommates with you. What role do they play in your music?

DYMA: That's pretty funny. Oliver and I met in the student dormitory and then moved into an apartment together, where Max also came a short time later. Somehow it then turned out to be three of us doing it. We now also have a producer in Fulda. That means we're going over all the time now. For us there is only rap right now.

How did you record your songs so far?

DYMA: It is very different, so far always with friends. Some have built a little something, at home I literally rap in the closet.

In the closet? How does this work?

DYMA: You open the closet doors, take a blanket and cover everything from top to bottom. So I'm completely in the dark, have the microphone in the open closet and start rapping. We do this so that the acoustics are right. All the clothes in the closet ensure that it doesn't echo. If you have no money, necessity makes you inventive.

What does the writing process look like? Are there three of you too?

DYMA: Well, Max is currently writing his master’s thesis, but is not making any progress because we’re always thinking about texts. Sometimes the three of us write them, but sometimes someone writes something and then runs through the apartment screaming and saying "Guys, I have an idea!". So we're doing this together, I'm the face and the three of us are the head (Max throws in: We wouldn't have 6,500 listeners a month if Oliver and I were rapping)

So it's going well?

DYMA: So far, it works pretty well, yes. We currently have a total of 1500 followers, 150,000 streams and 6500 monthly listeners. I think it makes sense to focus on that. In a year I can still say, "Hey, I'm still young, I'm going to continue my studies now," because I'm only in the first semester.

Let's talk about the “This is Kassel Rap” playlist. How did you come up with it

DYMA: I actually come from Bad Hersfeld, and when I looked more closely at rap here in Kassel, I was initially surprised because I didn't know from home that so many local rappers exist. So I packed up some artists in January and now everyone benefits from it.

How do you benefit?

DYMA: In Kassel you first have difficulties getting out there as a rapper. There are so many little people who make music, but none of them have any platform. When you apply for a gig, you tend to get this prejudice, "Oh well, they're rappers". But now we're sharing all of our songs on Spotify and we're reaching a lot of people thanks to the playlist.

Do you know most of the other rappers personally?

DYMA: Not personally, no. I got to know most of them through Instagram and stay in touch there. Often people write to me and tell about a rapper, whom I write to and so he ends up on the playlist. And the Kassel rap scene is definitely diverse. We have many styles, whether street, lo-fi or more poppy with a lot of singing.

Have you already had any gigs?

DYMA: On Tuesday (February 4th, 2020) I actually had my first appearance at the art booth in the slaughterhouse. I shit a lot in my pants, but it actually went well. I went on stage, pulled it off and was a little surprised myself.

Why surprised

DYMA: Well, when I was at school I wanted to be a head boy, for example, then I stood on the stage, turned bright red and suddenly couldn't get a sound out. But it works when rapping, because then I am simply convinced of myself. I know the lyrics are good, I've got it. That’s just awesome. So I'm sure you'll see me on stage more often in the future (For example in Bad Hersfeld on April 4th, 2020 in the quality hall, editor's note).

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