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Fabi from the “Team F.L.S. - The hotel detective in the Isatz »suddenly finds herself as a ball girl on the tennis court. She has no idea about this sport! Reason enough to refresh the most important tennis rules.

The game

In tennis, you play either alone against someone (the "singles") or in pairs against two opponents (the "doubles"). You play the tennis ball with your racket over the net in the middle of the field into the opponent's field. The ball may only touch the ground once, then it must be played over the net. You can also hit him back straight from the air. This is called "volley". A tennis game is not timed.

The playing field

In tennis, the size of the field is precisely regulated and the field looks the same all over the world. The ball must be played over the net into the opponent's field. If the ball is out of the field, it is "out", what counts as a mistake.

The surcharge

Each point begins with the serve. The player who serves must play the ball diagonally into the small gray square behind the baseline (the backmost line, gray area). If the ball lands in the net or outside the small square, you have one last try. If this is not in the gray field again, the point goes to your opponent. If the ball is in the field, your opponent tries to return the ball. Then it is played until the point is decided.

The game

You serve during an entire game. Only then does the service change and it is your opponent's turn. In a game, the points are counted in a more special way. It starts at 0-0. If you make a point, the score is 15: 0. You win the point again: It's 30: 0. Thanks to a mistake by the opponent, the score is 40: 0. Now you only need one point and you win the game. You won the game and the set is 1-0. Now it goes into the next game and your opponent serves.

The sentence

To win a set, you must win six games. In addition, you have to be ahead with two games. For example 6: 4. But if the score is 6: 5, you have another chance to decide the set 7: 5 in an additional game. But now the score is 6: 6 and it comes to the «tiebreak». Then it starts at 0: 0 and counting is normal. So 1: 0, 2: 0, 2: 1 etc. Whoever reaches seven points there first with at least two points ahead, wins the tiebreak and thus the set.

The match

In most tournaments, the person who wins two sets wins the game. In a few exceptional cases, you have to win three sets in order to win the game. Because of this, a game can go very quickly, but it can also take several hours.

A game over two days

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The longest tennis game in history lasted over eleven hours of play. The game was interrupted three times and could only be ended on the third day.

The result of the game was: 6: 4, 3: 6, 6: 7, 7: 6 and 70:68. In a game over five sets, there is no tiebreak in the last set. It is simply played until someone has a two-game lead.

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