How do sites like Bongacams make money

The big experiment: A journalist earned 800 euros on the BongaCams webcam page!

During the pandemic, a lot of information surfaced on the internet about alternative ways to make money. We wondered what these options offer and which of them are worth taking a closer look at. We were particularly interested in the area around webcams. So we looked to see if women really make good money on adult websites.

First, we spoke to several webcam models who have social media accounts. It turns out that many of them work with their friends or husbands and some of them go live with their girlfriends.

We decided to take a closer look at the world of webcams to understand how this system works. For this purpose, a journalist has registered on BongaCams, a webcam site that is ranked 36th among webcam sites according to the Alexa rating. On a dedicated page of BongaCams you can find information about the earnings of the women in the past month. Here is a screenshot:

The registration process took about 10 minutes and half an hour later the registration was already confirmed. The journalist decided to go live straight away. In her broadcast, she only wore a swimsuit but did not undress and talked to users about general topics. Although she only worked a few hours at a time, she managed to earn 800 euros within a few days. Nobody expected such a result - we have to admit that openly and honestly!

The journalist also spoke to several webcam models who are registered on the site - a woman and a couple who have been working with BongaCams for a while. They affirmed that only from home and talking to users can you make decent money. You don't have to be a model or do any special tricks.

After only a few days on BongaCam, the journalist found that webcam sites create favorable conditions for earning money. By being able to work from home and go live anytime, webcams can certainly be described as one of the most accessible sources of income.