What is the IQOS discount code

For your first Iqos starter kit. "Iqos 3" or "Iqos 3 Multi" or "2.4 Plus" and save another 30 € with CODE (J262NK)

(Only new customers)

Now simply finance it

Pay now conveniently in monthly installments and discover additional benefits.

Finance now with IQOS ON in 12 monthly installments of 9 € and secure many extra services - e.g. a second guaranteed device exchange.

60 HEETS are 3 packs with your first order

(20 HEETS Turquoise Selection / 20 HEETS Yellow Selection / 20 HEETS Sienna Selection)

After your complete registration you will receive a voucher code for 100 more HEETS (according to your taste)

You can redeem this yourself later for the Original IQOS Store under your account.

You will then receive this free of shipping costs.

Your voucher code *: J262NK

If YOU do not want to keep the IQOS 3 kit, you can simply send it back to IQOS free of charge within 30 days

You don't have to press buy here.

I only need the above code.

You have to buy the set on the official IQOS homepage !!!

Select the set and add it to the shopping cart.

Then enter the code at the checkout.

You will be deducted 30 €.

A few days after your first set has been dispatched, IQOS will send you a code with which you can buy 1/2 a stick of Heets.

At IQOS, select the Heets on the homepage in the shop and enter the code sent to you at the checkout.
Then you will get the Heets reduced and free shipping costs.

If you use my code, I will be credited 15 € and can get accessories for it.

Why don't you give IQOS a try? So you can enjoy real tobacco, but without fire, ashes and the smell of cigarette smoke. With the following voucher code you will receive a € 30 discount on your starter kit.

Your voucher code *: J262NK

You can redeem the code directly on IQOS.com. You can find more sales outlets on iqosfriends.de.

Best wishes!