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Sat.1- "Files" showed a shocking case | Belinda impregnated and ripped off by internet love

How do you fall for a marriage fraud? Belinda T. asked herself this question in disbelief - until she herself became the victim of a feigned love. In “Nudes” (Sat.1), the young woman told of the bitter rip-off relationship, which, however, brought her a sweet little daughter.

In January 2016, Belinda T. (30) met Jürgen M. online in a single chat portal. He says he's a doctorate pilot - and claims he has more than 2 million euros in his account. Jürgen woos Belinda.

► The young woman is thrilled: personable email contact, nice first date. Then follows a spontaneous trip to Fuerteventura, at the local car dealer Belinda should choose a car that should later stand next to the Porsche of the "pilot" as befits her status.

Isn't that going too fast? Maybe something is wrong? Thoughts that Belinda has not yet faced.

After two months, Belinda becomes pregnant unplanned. Jürgen proposes to her three months after they met. He promises her a big wedding. In the end, it only goes to the registry office and none of his family is there - supposedly because the wedding takes place at such short notice.

Shock after the wedding

Jürgen M. takes control of Belinda's life, isolates her from friends and family, and at the same time plays the caring husband who does a lot for his wife, including banking.

► At some point Belinda notices obscure accounts, Jürgen promises his pregnant wife that he will take care of everything. On June 30, 2016, he went to the bank - and never came back ... The police arrested him.

Belinda learns: Jürgen M. has brought five-digit amounts to various companies. This is not his first time in jail. He's not a pilot and he doesn't have a PhD; all documents are forged. And: he already has three children.

The wrong pilot falsifies pay slips and bank statements - sometimes even with authentication. Jürgen M. cleared Belinda's accounts for months: In the end, he eased them by almost 40,000 euros, Belinda's grandparents another 25,000 euros.

The proceedings around Jürgen M. are still ongoing. Belinda is left with nothing - except a broken heart and her daughter, whom she loves all the more.

Why did Belinda fall in love with him?

“I was happy that someone was serious and then you thought it was actually way, way too early and yes, actually not good. But I thought I had to get involved because I was already pregnant. You have to go through that now. And even if the marriage doesn't last, you are at least financially secure. Then at least you don't have to worry about that. That's what I thought. "

What about the baby?

“When you have the baby in your arms, that's just wonderful. There is nothing more beautiful. "

Nevertheless: Belinda would like to know "whether there are women who have had a similar experience, who have been hit just as much as me."

Can you spot marriage swindlers?

Nadja von Saldern, psychologist: “So this 'love bombing' (showered with compliments) is always a good indication that something is going wrong. When someone says, 'You are the best that could have happened to me. I was just waiting for you. You are my dream ... ‘You can't judge that at all if you don't know the other person. That means, in such cases, one should pay attention. "

Why do women fall for marriage swindlers?

of balances: “I always say these men have two faces. On the one hand, there is this really great part that has a sense of humor, is charming, and knows how to charm women. But there is also the other part that wants something - and that you should be careful of. And the women concerned find this great side of the swindler so good that they are ready to actually forget about the other side. So I see that again and again: The women concerned forget. It's like a dog bites her and the next time he comes back, wags his tail and is so cute ... And then it is forgotten that this dog can bite too. "