Which plants can be grown with aeroponics?

Aeroponic irrigation systems

Areoponics vs. Hydroponics

Aeroponics or hydroponics - which is better? There is no general answer to this, because it also depends on the type of plant grown. Both variants have numerous advantages over geoponics (planting in soil):

  • faster growth
  • higher yield
  • more efficient nutrient consumption
  • no scope for weeds and pests
  • year-round harvest

Areoponics, however, has another advantage: Due to the permanent stay of the roots in the water, there is a risk of a lack of oxygen in the root zone with hydroponics, which is easily prevented by aeroponic irrigation at intervals. The aeroponic irrigation creates an optimal ratio of water / nutrient solution and oxygen for the plant roots and thus has a nose ahead.

Build your own aeroponic system

Professional aeroponic systems are very costly which is why it may be worthwhile to use instead to use a DIY aeroponic system and build your own aeroponic system. Micro Rain Systems knows what aeroponic irrigation is all about:

Aeroponic nozzles

The ultrasonic atomization of the nutrient solution can lead to the formation of incrustations from fertilizer salts. The relatively small aerosol size can also mean that the roots cannot absorb the moisture sufficiently. We therefore recommend aeroponic humidification using nozzles to ensure the required droplet size (50 microns, approx. 0.05 mm).

Fog nozzles made of metal with a diameter of 0.3 mm and an anti-drip system are best suited for this, as these can be completely dismantled if cleaning is required. Plastic nozzles are also possible, but metal is more durable and easier to handle. We and our customers have had the best experiences in this regard with our anti-drip mist nozzles ECO 0.3 mm.

The right pump

The Atomization performance at the mist nozzle of your DIY aeroponics system depends on the energy supplied (pump pressure). For optimal atomization of the nutrient solution, we recommend a high pressure system. The pump pressure should be 15 to 20 bar, if cheaper plastic nozzles are used, lower pressures from 8 bar can also be used. So that no root material gets into the aeroponic circuit of the pump and nozzles and thus negatively affects the system, the pump should definitely have a pre-filter.

Interval timer

Important: Aeroponic systems are usually not operated continuously, but by means of an interval circuit. The pause intervals of your aeroponic irrigation must not be too long, because if the roots dry out, the plant can usually no longer be saved. Regular monitoring of the system is necessary, especially at the beginning of aeroponic irrigation, and the interval times must be individually adjusted for the respective aeroponic system. We recommend setting the running time and the pause time of the intervals in seconds. With our multi-function timer with interval function, you can program exactly the necessary timing for your aeroponic system.

Order aeroponic systems from the M.R.S.-Shop

At M.R.S.-Shop, your provider for aeroponic irrigation, you will only find high-quality, expandable spray systems (kit) as well as suitable accessories (nozzle holders, hoses, hose clamps) for your DIY aeroponics system. Installation is tool-free and is also very easy for beginners.

If you have any questions, we are happy to assist you at any time and together we will find the optimal solution for your individual aeroponics project.