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Night storage heating

Strong heat storage from Dimplex and AEG

Heat accumulators, also known as night storage heaters or night storage stoves, use cheap night electricity to heat the internal heat accumulators. This type of storage heating offers unbeatable advantages when renovating old buildings and retrofitting them in apartments. Apart from a power connection, no further infrastructure is required, which lowers investment costs and significantly increases the usable space available.

The most important advantages of a heat storage system:

  • Saving energy by using cheap night electricity tariffs

  • Emission-free in operation

  • Reliable and economical

  • Ecologically sensible energy mix

Have your night storage devices serviced regularly

After a few years of operation, you should have your night storage heaters serviced - before you use them regularly again. Is your device out of date? Then a renewal may be worthwhile. New storage devices score with the latest technology and better storage values. Often they are also slimmer and more space-saving than older models.

If there are any old asbestos-containing night storage heaters in your home or office, they can pose a potential health risk, so you should never open the heaters yourself. We will be happy to use the labels attached to check whether your old device contains asbestos. Together with our disposal company, we then take care of the proper removal of the old devices and the installation of a modern replacement device.

Regardless of whether they are old or new: We definitely recommend regular maintenance of your night storage heaters. We will be happy to clean the blowers for you and check whether the electrical components and connections are still working properly. Do not let your night storage heaters become a fire risk!

We offer you high-quality storage heaters from Dimplex and AEG.

Electric space heaters from Dimplex

The right temperature The feeling can change quickly. Depending on where you are and when, inside or outside. In the morning in the bathroom, at the workbench in the basement, when playing in the children's room or at a garden party in the pavilion: electrical storage heaters can be finely adjusted and used flexibly. With sophisticated technologies, the storage heaters from Dimplex ensure that the right heating system is available in every situation.

The following applies to all devices: They are variable in terms of dimensions and materials, inexpensive to purchase and practically maintenance-free in operation. Certified with safety and protected against overheating. And the sustainability? When operated with green electricity, the electric heating is even climate-neutral. Just switch it on and feel good.

Intelligent Quantum

It is the most modern storage heater in the world ... and it was developed specifically for the energy transition: in conjunction with the Smart Eco System, the Intelligent Quantum becomes a smart energy manager that converts electricity into heat when it is available and cheap - in order to use it for space heating to be returned at a later date. In this way, the fluctuating amounts of electricity from renewable energy sources such as our own photovoltaic system can be used efficiently. Thanks to its clear design and narrow dimensions, IQ integrates perfectly into any modern room design.

  • Heat storage for flexible use in systems with intelligent control concepts or as a replacement in existing systems

  • High-quality hard shell thermal insulation made from the natural material vermiculite, combined with Microtherm®

  • Powerful, smooth-running radial fan

  • Special accessories day power additional heating can be installed as supplementary / transitional heating

  • In the slim-line version: with wall bracket as standard for mounting on stable masonry


Modern heat storage from AEG

The advantage of a night storage heater: cheap night electricity tariffs

Around 1.5 million night storage heaters are in operation in Germany, mainly in old buildings and multi-storey residential buildings. The devices charge themselves during the nightly off-peak times and emit the heat as required on the following day. This has advantages: the user benefits from special night electricity tariffs, the energy providers keep the load profile in the network relatively constant - precisely because they can fill up the "night valleys" through electrical heating systems with heat storage.

The storage capacity of night storage heaters is by no means exhausted: By adapting the control technology, existing storage heaters could take up a total storage volume of 19 gigawatts of energy - on the other hand, pumped storage plants only have 4 gigawatts of storage volume.

The storage heaters from AEG are equipped with a modern user interface.

Quiet, quieter, AEG - the "Silent Air Flow System" for heat storage

The newly developed Silent-Air-Flow-System in the AEG heat accumulators brings the warm air into play with a tangential fan so sensitively that you will be amazed. All you feel is a warm breeze, because the tangential fan uses almost the entire width of the device to pamper you evenly with cozy warmth. And because the airflow is so evenly distributed, it is practically inaudible.


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Source of the texts and images shown on this page: Glen Dimplex and EHT Haustechnik GmbH / Markenvertrieb AEG