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Leah Remini ... What does the King of Queens star actually do?

Leah Remini was once a queen. At the side of King of QueensKevin James, she played the wife of the plump, lovable courier driver Doug Heffernan in the still popular sitcom from CBS from 1998 to 2007. Her fee has now reached around $ 400,000, which made her one of the highest-paid series actresses of her time. Some even rumor that she and James were the top paid actors in a television series in the mid-00s. Her character Carrie Heffernan complemented herself "harmoniously" with her series partner with her bossy, decisive temperament and at the same time showed Jerry Stiller in the role of her stubborn father Arthur the forehead marked by puns and comic situations.

Queen Leah's popularity has been on a high level for years outside of the USA, such as here in Germany. The series that made it famous is still running daily on the special-interest channels RTL Nitro and TNT Comedy. After the first broadcast in 2007, however, it became quiet about Leah Remini. Bigger roles stayed away and her last appearance in a movie was in Todd Phillips' (Hangover series) Old School in 2003.

In view of this, it is obvious that Leah Remini is a fallen queen.

So let's talk

If you take a look at the filmography of the actress, she seems to be "good" at it through appearances in various television films and comedy series, which are rather unknown in local areas. So she played, inter alia. 2005 guest role in Fat Actress by and with Kirstie Alley, which in turn made an appearance in King of Queens as a real estate agent on an obsessive-compulsive diet. The Showtime series was canceled after only a seven-part season. ABC's comedy series In the Motherhood from 2009 also only had seven episodes. Here, too, Leah Remini only played a minor supporting role. A cautious ray of hope: In TV Lands sitcom The Exes (2011-2015), she was not part of the regular cast, but played a recurring part.

However, she did not return to the daily limelight until 2010, as part of the original cast of The Talk. On the daily morning talk show on CBS, she chatted coffee with colleagues like Sharon Osbourne (Jake and the Never Land Pirates) in the style of processed small talk about this, that, that and somehow nothing. A collection of anecdotes, including a more or less exhilarating vocal performance by Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive with co-talker Holly Robinson Peete (Mike & Molly), including the use of a trashy green screen animation. After a season it was over for Leah Remini. She was fired.

"Now you are my enemy" - Kirstie Alley, actress and Scientologist

The big bang followed in 2013. Unfortunately with a chapter from her private life. Leah Remini had been a member of the Scientology denominational community since she was nine. While the Los Angeles-based actress defended the organization in 2005 and described its critics as ignorant, the break took place in 2013. Faced with various methods such as the prohibition of critical questions, she left the sect. When the wife of David Miscavige, head of Scientology, disappeared in 2007, Remini dared to ask her whereabouts.

Former companion: Kirstie Alley in Kirstie

The organization, which describes itself as a church, accused Leah Remini of only wanting a PR coup. In Kirstie Alley, she lost an ex-colleague who found clear words for the decision and the actor on Howard Stern's radio show as "hideous, bigoted person" denoted that "my enemy" be. In filmmaker Paul Haggis, who was himself a member of the sect for 35 years, she found a prominent supporter who thanked her in an open letter to the Hollywood Reporter when he himself turned his back on the "community".

Down into the abyss of reality TV

The L.A. Crash director referred to Leah Remini as one person in his writing "tremendous integrity and passion". In the meantime, she wrote her memoir Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, published in 2015, about her time in the sect (and Hollywood). Unfortunately, even this line under this chapter of her life did not help her to achieve success.

"Worldly fame is nothing but a breath of the wind that blows here and there [...]" - Dante Alighieri

Unfortunately, Leah Remini was driven into the depths of reality TV by the waning breeze. In TLC's Leah Remini: My Crazy Family and I she opened the gates to her private life and stepped onto the beaten path of the Osbournes, Anna Nicole Smith and Co. It is an embarrassing and sad horror game at the same time. From a woman who not only possesses a tremendous, light-footed comedic talent, but was also able to touch at the zenith of her popularity in the King of Queens. In a format that entertained, in which, however, it was only rarely about more than being overweight, the choice of television program or the Saturday evening organization.

Leah Remini: Me and my crazy family

Today Leah Remini follows the zeitgeist of a networked world and is active on Facebook with over 900,000 likes. She also uses Instagram and has around 400,000 followers on Twitter. (Status: 08/13/2016)

May the near future hold more in store for them than the dirty floor of show business.

What do you think of Leah Remini?