How do you think about birds

The rats of the air? After this text you think differently about pigeons!

As a kid, I loved bird watching. Even today I still set up a bird feeder with my family every winter and regularly go to events about bird protection. When I think of the birds I want to help with, robins, blackbirds, great tits and nuthatches appear in my mind's eye.

However, pigeons had little space in my concept of bird protection. I remember them as the birds that pooped on my head in Rome or tried to steal my pizza several times. Otherwise I didn't worry about the gray birds and their living conditions.

Pigeon in need

That changed when of all people Here the Nabu reports how the pigeon won the preselectionCity pigeon, to the astonishment of many bird conservationists, won the preselection for "Bird of the Year 2021". When I found out, I wondered how the pizza-stealing poultry had made it to the top of this list.

To my surprise, I found that the city pigeon is not an endangered bird, but that it is anything but easy - and is completely unjustly disregarded and devalued by so many people. So it's high time for an image change!

From domestic and cultivated animals to street animals

City pigeons are often disparagingly referred to as "rats of the air" because they appear in large flocks and breed everywhere and always. This completely ignores the fact that it was the human who bred the city pigeon from the rock pigeon and brought it into the cities in the first place.