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anality A mixture of naivety and pretense, grace and ordinary, gray gloom and rosy cheerfulness, Lolita could, if she wanted, be an absolutely nerve-wracking brat. I was really hardly prepared for her fits of sloppy boredom, her intense, violent nagging, her flabby, listless, blunt-eyed demeanor, and what is called nonsense: an aimless rubbish that she thought was the kind of hard-boiled thug. I discovered that mentally she was a disgustingly conventional little girl. Sweet, hot jazz, folk quadrille dances, sticky sundaes with hot chocolate sauce, musicals, movie magazines, and so on - these apparently ranked first on the scale of their preferences. God knows how many nickel coins I fed the magnificently illuminated jukeboxes that came with each of our meals! I can still hear the nasal voices of these invisibles who serenaded Lolita - people with names like Sammy and Jo and Eddy and Tony and Peggy and Guy and Patty and Rex, and the sentimental hits that my ear could hardly tell my tongue lolitas various sweets. With a kind of heavenly simplicity, she believed in every advertisement and advice that appeared in Movie Love and Screen Land - "Pimples wither with Dorpickil" or "Think about it, girls, before you let the tips of your shirt hang out of your jeans, because Jill says , that's totally out of fashion ยป. If a billboard on the side of the road said, "Visit our gift shop," then we had to visit it, we had to buy Indian handicrafts, dolls, copper jewelry, cactus candy. The words "novelties and souvenirs" enchanted them with their mere Trochaic syllable case. If a cafe sign said "Ice cold drinks," she was automatically drawn to it, even though all drinks everywhere were ice cold. The advertisements were aimed at them: the ideal consumer, subject and object of any dizzying poster.

banality(2)en from Chinese

Flies have short legs.
Haste is the joke's time.
Red raspberries are red.
The end is the beginning of every end.
The beginning is the end of every beginning.
Banality is the ornament of every citizen.
The bourgeoisie is the beginning of all citizens.
Citizens have short flies.
Spice is the brevity of a joke.
Every woman has an apron.
Every beginning has an end.
The world is full of smart people.
Kluge is stupid.
Not everything that is called expressionism is expressive art.
Kluge is still stupid.
Stupid is smart.
Kluge stays stupid.

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A reviewer

in Warsaw
he has
socialist realism

in Frankfurt
he sells

I correct myself

He sold
all over
the same