What is your favorite game that is underestimated?

5inSeptember - Favorite games for the whole family

Play - regardless of whether it is a free game or a family game - trains memory, imagination and logical thinking... and above all it does Fun! The Playing in the community additionally strengthens that cooperative action, listening as well as the Dealing with victory and defeat.

Children collect so in the game basic Abilities to cope with everyday life. In order to make your choice easier and to give you suggestions, I would like to give you the Part 2 of my series of articles "5 a month" the Top 5Games introduce in my family!


Favorite game # 1 "Maleficent"

Yes, I know the game is so old, but still it inspires us still. I can still remember very well that I played this family game already played with my parents and sometimes as a child I was quite annoyed when someone built walls in front of me ...

But briefly about the Game description for those who don't know:

The Maleficent Game by Ravensburger is a real one classic. It is recommended from 6 Years and can from 2-4 players be played. It promotes tactics and patience and remains exciting until the end.

The winner is whoever is first brings a pawn to the goal and everyone tries to put stones in the way of the other to slow them down. This requires a strategy to avoid locking yourself in.

My conclusion:Timeless classic, where there is no boredom, sometimes the emotions boil up and you entertaining game night nothing stands in the way.


Favorite game no.2 "Skip Bo"

Not a board game, but one great card game. The game can also be played by smaller children, because they have to max. 5 cards be kept on hand. Another basic requirement is recognizing the numbers 1-12.

Game description:

The game can from 6 Years and from 2-6 players be played. aim of the game it is (to put it simply) all cards in his deck first in the order 1-12 to discard.

My conclusion: A great entertaining card game that requires patience. Due to the simple rules really suitable for the whole family.


Favorite game number 3 "Phase 10 - The Board Game"

Many are familiar with the phase 10 card game. A really great, interesting one Variant is the board game. It drives you crazy have fun, no matter if child or adult and fills effortless a whole game night.

Game description:

The game is suitable from approx. 10 Years for 2-6 players and combines card fun and dice game. aim of the game it is be the first to go through the 10 phases.

My conclusion:Excitement, action, fun and definitely no boredom! A Super family game for dark winter evenings.


Favorite game number 4 "Kniffel or Yatzy"

And one more Games oldie…but still entertaining, exciting and dice fun pure.

Game description:

It will rolled in turn, until all required fields have been rolled.The player with the most pointswins.

My conclusion:Small, handy, quickly explained and always works... regardless of whether you are at home, on vacation or on the train.


Favorite game number 5 "Mastermind"

This game has not been around for that long in our household. Nevertheless, it is already very popular!

Game description:

Playable by 2-5 peoplefrom approx. 8 Years. The game is kind Thinking duel that requires logic and patience. One player gives one secret code Before the others player try to crack.

My conclusion: The game promotes concentration and is rather quietly. Despite the optical improvement possibilities successful family gamethat's fun and Promotes competencies.


Bonus: Favorite game of my youngest and me "Bao-Hus-Kalaha"

This game can only be played by two people, so I'll take it out of turn. I and my youngest loved this game too. It's relative unspectacular, calm and still ingenious. For me it has almost meditative character ...

Game description:

Strategy game for 2 players from 5 Years. The one who in the end the most of the game pieces has collected (with a few more rules of the game), wins. It requires Strategy and planning and is very entertaining.

My conclusion: The game is beautiful to look at with the Gemstones and the massive wood. It promotes forward planning and offers a unexcited and relaxed gaming pleasure.



I hope you like my tips and you will find one or the other interesting game for you and your family. I definitely wish you already Have fun playing!

Best wishes



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Stefanie Wenzlick is a qualified pedagogue (Univ.), Media pedagogue and herself the mother of 3 children. On her blog she gives practical tips and suggestions about a relaxed family life, parenting tips, creative things, shopping tips and episodes from everyday life with 3 children.

After advising and supporting families and mothers on site for over 10 years, she is now also working online as a mom coach and educational advisor. She supports women in a relaxed and easy way to live up to their many roles (mother, partner, friend, employee, etc.), not to lose sight of themselves and still build a good relationship with their children.

5inSeptember - Favorite games for the whole family