The value of friendliness is overrated

6 signs that you are overestimating the opinion of others

If you are honest with yourself, how important is the opinion of others to you? Do you regularly ask yourself how your opinion, your appearance or your views affect your environment or do you stand above these doubts and concentrate only on yourself? Admittedly, it is a widespread desire to be accepted by those around you and to meet the expectations of family, friends and colleagues. However, if you overdo it, you put yourself in the background and may make decisions that you don't even stand behind. So that you don't get that far, we'll show you 6 signs that you overestimate the opinion of others and what you can do to change that ...

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How to get over the opinions of others

It is very easy to put the opinion of others on a pedestal and hold it to be infallible. This gives many people a feeling of security, but also of belonging. With this attitude, many - especially insecure people - act true to the motto: "If I always do exactly what others expect of me, there is no risk of being rejected."

Constantly pretending and ignoring your own opinion makes you unhappy and can even have other negative effects. After a short time, self-esteem suffers and it is even possible that there is more fear and insecurity. The question that remains to be answered is what you can do in order not to focus too much on the opinion of others, but also to express your own views.

A very popular, logical, but unfortunately not really helpful answer in this context is: Just ignore what others say. That sounds obvious at first, but on closer inspection it raises more questions than it actually answers. How do I do that? What should I pay attention to and why have I not done it yet if it is so easy? To make the advice a little more practical, we've put together three tips to make it easier for you to pay less heed to the opinions of others.

  • Believe in yourself.
    One of the main reasons that other people's opinions are overrated is one's own insecurity. Try to believe more in yourself and your abilities. When you try something, you assume that no matter what others think you can do it.
  • Don't make yourself addicted.
    No matter what you plan to do, do not base your decisions and actions on the opinions of those around you. In other words, if you want to do something, do it, even if not everyone thinks it's a good idea.

6 signs you care too much about other people's opinions

Another common problem with other people's opinions is that we don't even realize how much we value it. We consider ourselves self-confident and are firmly convinced that we will listen to the opinion, but in the end decide everything for ourselves and not be influenced by it. But, is this really the truth? It is not uncommon for the opinion of friends or colleagues at work to be overestimated and to be given too high priority, even if you may not be aware of that. But there are some clear signs that leave no room for doubt that you are exaggerating the opinion of others.

You just can't say no

A colleague asks you a favor and even though you have absolutely no time, do you still consent? After all, if you refuse to help, your counterpart could consider you unproductive or even lazy. But being able to say no is an important quality that not only contributes to your well-being, but also leads to better results and prevents you from being exploited.

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You like to show off in front of others

It is a natural reaction to be proud of one's accomplishments and successes. However, if you catch yourself showing off your achievements to colleagues or in your private life and sometimes exaggerating, you should ask yourself what triggers this behavior. Often the answer is that you overestimate the opinion of others and therefore want to present yourself in the best possible light.

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They like to take on the role of victim

On the other hand, you are also right if the opportunity arises to slip into the role of victim. So you can always be sure that you are the center of attention. So if things go bad, it doesn't take long before you have told every colleague, acquaintance and even casual contact about it.

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You always want to know what others are thinking

Another strong sign that you are overestimating the opinion of others is that you are having a hard time making up your own mind. Rather, you are interested in what other people think. You are also welcome to use social media or messages to find out how the majority feel about a certain situation.

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They are often overly cautious

Since you always want to make a good impression, it seldom happens that you take a risk. After all, you would be putting yourself at risk of making a mistake. The same applies to direct contact with colleagues. You behave as friendly as possible so as not to attract negative attention under any circumstances. However, this also means that you often have to keep your true opinion to yourself so as not to offend.

You can't make decisions

Some people make spontaneous decisions based on their gut feeling and often come to the best decisions in the process. But if you give too much to the opinion of others, decisions quickly become a major hurdle. If you find it difficult to choose an option because you keep wondering how others will decide, you are placing too much emphasis on the views of those around you.

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