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We look forward to welcoming Ms. Mag. Katrin Pilz to the first evening lecture in the new semester.

Location: Reading room of the Josephinum, (Währinger Straße 25, A-1090 Vienna)Time: October 28, 2010, 7 p.m. c.t.Contact: [email protected]
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Institutionalization of radiology in Vienna. A picture story

The early history of the institutionalization of radiology and the position of the image in radiology can be followed in Vienna on the basis of an excellent source of sources. The Viennese physicist Franz Serafin Exner was a former student colleague and friend of the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, who accidentally discovered the so-called "X-rays" in 1895. Roentgen was one of the first to notify his colleague of the new discovery. With Röntgen's evidence and the contacts of Viennese scientists to the press, the story of the miraculous rays went around the world. For a long time, Viennese scientists, physicists and physicians were considered to be the first to carry out experiments with the “miracle rays”. A little later they were able to make diagnoses or therapies with the help of the new X-ray method. The history of X-ray research and the institutionalization of radiology in Vienna poses questions about the radiological-scientific space, the scientific networks and the importance of the first, purely technically produced image - the X-ray image - that are relevant for medical-historical and cultural-scientific investigations.

Mag. Phil. Katrin Pilz studied history and cultural studies in Vienna and Rome. Since 2008 she has been a research assistant for the interdisciplinary CORPOrealities project and since 2009 as a project employee and research fellow at the Department and Collections for the History of Medicine at MedUni Vienna. Her research interests include media culture, the visual and material culture of science.

The team of the department “Department and Collections for the History of Medicine” is looking forward to numerous visitors!

Fig. Diploma thesis: Pilz, Katrin

Our next lecture: Mag.Birgit Nemec, Visual Cultures of Anatomy in Vienna, 1900 - 1938.
Monday, November 08, 2010, 4 p.m. c.t.

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