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Swabian Flädle (pancakes)

The Swabian Flädle are a wonderful invention. And I'm sure you all know them by various other names: pancakes, pancakes, crêpes ...

The recipes usually differ only slightly in the number of eggs, the amount of flour and milk. Each time a different recipe comes out. And another delicacy.

The Swabian Flädle also differ from place to place, from family to family and sometimes from preparation to preparation. Something variation is always nice. But today I would like to introduce you to my basic recipe for Swabian Flädle (pancakes) as one of my basics.



Preparation of Swabian Flädle (pancakes) (6-8 pieces):

* 4 eggs

* 350 grams of flour type 405

* 500ml milk

* a pinch of salt

* a pinch of sugar

* Pepper

* Butter fat or good oil to fry the pancakes


The dough should not be too sweet or too salty. A breeze each of sugar and salt for seasoning is ideal.

The Flädlesteig can be seasoned a little here. Salt and sugar - very classic. Depending on whether you want a hearty or sweet topping, either sugar or salt can dominate.

First, the eggs are cracked open and mixed well with a whisk in a bowl. The milk is then added to the eggs and everything is mixed well. Now you can season salt and sugar with the pinch. Possibly, if you wish, a little pepper to go with it. Now the flour is added. I like to sieve this so that there are no lumps. Keep stirring the dough until it is free of lumps and light bubbles form.

Now the dough should rest a little. Then this can be stirred again until it is nice and smooth. Now heat up the pan. Add the butter fat or the oil to fry.

When the pan is well heated, a ladle of batter is placed in the hot butter fat and the pancake is baked until the batter begins to thicken. Then turn the pancake and finish baking.
Do this until all of the dough is used up.


If there are still a few flädle left over, you can make a flädless soup out of them the next day. You can already find the recipe on my blog: A Flädlessuppe with vegetable julien and egg custard.

If there are still some patties left over, they are also wonderfully suitable for freezing and are a perfect and quick cooking base for various delicious dishes.


Enjoy the Swabian Flädle and have fun using them creatively!

I have put together a small selection of other processing options here:

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