Which digital marketing campaign failed?

10 reasons why companies fail because of social media

Many business owners now know that they are at social networks don't come by anymore. They understand that this will determine their company's future, especially when the competitors are already active on Facebook and Twitter. Full of motivation we get started and a blog, Facebook page and Twitter profile are set up. Half a year later: The hoped-for success has not materialized. The vigor and motivation have disappeared. Orphaned blog and network profiles. Why is it that so many companies fail with their social media activities? 10 mistakes companies make in social media marketing:

1. Lack of strategy

Many companies run after the crowd without bothering at all Thoughts on your own strategy to have done. Does a tool manufacturer really need a Facebook page? Or are its customers not better to be found elsewhere? Such considerations are at the beginning of a social media strategy.

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2. Think in campaigns

Companies that start a Facebook page because they are celebrating an anniversary in 3 months and want to trumpet the offers for it will fail. Social networks are about the dialog, you don't even come by for a month and then disappear again for the next few years.

Businesses must first get the benevolence of theirs target group Earn before they can ask fans for actions like clicking links, passing on offers, and so on. The establishment of the networks does not happen overnight. The traditional “campaign thinking” only works for planning Facebook ads.

3. Do but not be social

Unfortunately, social media profiles are still confused with advertising space. Too many companies think that it is enough to advertise on Facebook or Twitter. Instead of listening to what people want to hear and what is being talked about, they just talk about themselves and their great offer. Many entrepreneurs do not realize that you are Communication behavior permanent change must if you want to be successful in social networks. Users of social networks primarily want to stay in contact with friends and family, plan their free time and get information. Press releases are completely out of place here.

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4. Get content marketing wrong

Companies have heard that they are using good content can score, i.e. with content that much-said added value Offer. Too many companies, however, are still afraid of revealing too much of their knowledge (what to pay for). This often leads to being petty, totally non-company content to be shared. Funny pictures and humorous fill-in-the-blank may bring a few comments, but do nothing to maintain the company's image.

5. Don't take social media seriously

Often the social media work is given as an additional post to assistants, secretaries or juniors. To create content, to maintain a blog and in social networks active fan base building up, however, does a lot of work that is difficult to do alongside the real job.

These are the people in the company who actively share the content in the networks The company's mouthpiece and should bring the appropriate knowledge with them. A company's social media presence is at least as important as the reception lobby or company website. Constantly changing interns with this important one Communication task to look after is simply reckless.

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6. Plan too little time

When asked: "Why did you stop blogging?" the answer comes with a 90% probability: "Because I didn't have time for it anymore." Often the Expenditure of time underestimated for blog, Facebook, Twitter and Co. In stressful moments, social media activities are often the first to "fall behind". With devastating consequences, because social networks and blogs thrive on it regularity. After a long absence, the range is in the basement and you start from the beginning.

7. Mistrust social media

Anyone who refuses to use networks as a private person can hardly credibly present their company there. Even if the boss doesn't take action himself, he at least has to openness and transparencythat require communication. The responsible employees need the full in-house supportto endure the social media marathon.

8. Marketing homework not done

All effort is in vain if that target group is not known and the problems of which cannot be named. At the latest when creating the Social media strategy entrepreneurs have to become specific: Who do I want to reach? What problems can I help the person with? What should the person do? It is alarming that entrepreneurs are often unable to answer these questions.

9. Don't spend money on social media marketing

Those who are not willing to spend money on their social media activities will not get very far. Even if the participation in the networks is free, a lot can quickly come together for additional ones Employee expenditure, Consultant fees, Graphics and Image licenses, the commissioning of Content and Facebook ads.

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10. Wrong expectations

"After two weeks on Facebook, we haven't won a new customer." Such exaggerated expectations quickly lead to giving up. A realistic time window to assess one's own efforts three to six months. Knowing in advance what you can achieve with social media protects against disappointment. Neither blog nor Facebook are suitable for quick sales goals. For long term Image cultivation, Customer loyalty and Customer acquisition however, via recommendations.

Tips for your social media strategy

Do you feel caught out? That's not bad. Be honest with yourself and follow these tips to get your social media marketing on a new footing:

● If you are serious about using blog and social networks, start them as Marketing measures to be considered like all other measures. This gives them the importance you and your employees need to persevere.

● Put the responsibility firmly. If you do not become active yourself as an entrepreneur, choose employees who are happy to take on this role.

● Create a battle plan that aims, Target persons and one Time schedule includes. Better to start with a blog and just one network and learn.

● Enter budget free so that you or your employees have the chance to do a good job. You will not be able to avoid buying photos, graphics and possibly texts.

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Sandra Holze is a social media marketing consultant. In their workshops, entrepreneurs learn how customers can find them using Facebook, Twitter and blog. She also supports companies in creating content and maintaining their social media profiles on a regular basis. At www.likesmedia.de she publishes tips about blogging, Facebook & Co.