What is artificial vinyl flooring

Laminate or vinyl?

Laminate and vinyl floors both have their advantages and disadvantages. Often times it is A matter of taste and attitudewhich flooring appears to be better. But also that Intended use plays a significant role. So it is better to use a vinyl floor in the bathroom. If you want to place heavy objects on the floor, you should opt for a robust laminate floor. In principle, however, vinyl is the better choice in many respects. The following table provides an overview.

Advantages and disadvantages of laminate

  • Cheaper
  • Compensates for bumps better
  • Easy to lay and easy to remove
  • Harder and more resilient
  • Environmentally friendly disposal
  • More sensitive to moisture
  • Additional insulation is necessary as noise protection
  • Provides nesting sites for bacteria

Advantages and disadvantages of vinyl

  • Laminate foot warmer
  • Better suited in damp rooms
  • Gentler on the joints
  • Quieter than laminate
  • Space-saving installation possible thanks to the low installation height
  • Antibacterial and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Disposal only possible via incineration plants
  • Self-adhesive vinyl floors are difficult to remove
  • Vinyl floors outside the EU can contain additives that are harmful to health