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Logo design: Current trends that are convincing

Numerous companies show up with a new one Logo design or a completely new look. Car brands, parties, cities, agencies and universities, online services, airlines, craft beer brands ... The series could go on and on. The willingness to undertake partly rigorous, partly timid redesigns continued in 2018. Our favorite trend is still: Typo logos.


New logo designs:


PAGE also recently dealt in depth with its own logo and called on the design community to redesign the PAGE logo. We received a large number of exciting designs, which we have published here in one article.

Shown below: a compilation of concise redesigns that go back to 2015.

From 2018

»Invitingly simple«

Comical, striking, friendly - Johannes Erler likes the new Mailchimp branding very much.

»Neutral custom font«

Another new Uber logo, with a sub-optimal kerning ...

"Escape to the Front"

The controversial new Burberry logo under discussion - perhaps not perfect in terms of craftsmanship, but a good and modern design, says Johannes Erler.

»Holistically Thought«

From around 200 different logos, a uniform appearance was created for the city of Oslo with a logo design that shows traditional elements in a modern minimalist design.

»Word logo in white space«

Pentagram implemented small but subtle differences in the redesign for American Express.

»Cool & Open«

The Lufthansa redesign under the microscope ...

From 2017


The Formula 1 logo got the network talking - we asked.


The focus here is clearly on the font: word mark for an exhibition.

"Solid and calm"

YouTube published its redesign and some people wondered if anything had been changed, others praised the very well crafted implementation: opinions from the design scene.

"Cult shoe in a new design"

PAGE asked the creative scene, who expressed their professional opinion and also their personal connection to the brand itself: the new Converse logo in the discussion.

»Details matter«

The inspiration for this Mucho logo was the inclination of the earth's axis.


Huffington Post made a bang with the help of Work-Order.


Semicolon for the Dresden State Theater:

Read PAGE and don't miss a thing.

"Capital letters"

Was it necessary to redesign a wordmark in uppercase for Calvin Klein?

"Open Design Process"

This is what the design scene said ...


Traditional company Völkl goes VR. Click here for the article.

"Oriental & modern"

Why not give a kebab skewer a modern identity? See more pictures

»Show your colors politically«

IBM shows solidarity with the LGBT community. read article

From 2016

"Colorful & bold"

The city of Bielefeld is getting a new brand identity including a logo that is concise and eye-catching. The design also reveals a content component: the three letters show the silhouette of the city's landmark. More on this


Brockhaus presented the new design with digital modification.

"Simplification & objectivity of a word-image mark"

PAGE asked industry experts about Pentagram's new Mastercard logo. Read comments.

»Brand Icons«

Subway also relied on the flat character and added a brand icon. Find out more here.


The user is increasingly becoming the focus of corporate identities. Here, users can determine their personal logo design through sound. The Wolff Olins agency is behind the idea. read article

»Figurative & Flat Design«

Even if the rigorous changes at Globetrotter did not meet with everyone's approval, they show the trend of flat-design figurative marks. More on this

»Reduction & color gradients«

Instagram caused a sensation with this minimalist, reduced redesign of the icon and innovations in web design. Read post


Uber caused a sensation with its redesign published in early 2016. PAGE also commented. However, the company rowed back again at the end of the year - and very quietly, by switching from the colorful to a black and white version of the app icon.

From 2015:


Complex, but recognizable, and also individual - the MCA Chicago impressed with its flexible logo design. Learn more

»Icons & Pictograms«

Many companies, such as the airport operator Aena, work with pictograms and icons related to logos, corporate design and guidance systems. Go to Article


MINI relies on minimalism. The design is reduced and with a new typeface. The principle "less is more" applies here. Nevertheless, it is important to reconcile modernity and tradition. Go to Article

Bill Gardner, Managing Director of Gardner Design in Wichita, Kansas, regularly publishes his 2018 trend observations.

This is them from 2015 - with additional examples from PAGE:

"Pick-Up Sticks" trend

The case of mikado sticks is always left to chance. A jumble of lines can also create visual tension. The “Pick-Up Sticks” trend named by Gardner is based on this background idea.

Our example shows the creative logo of Naughty North, which was designed by Kolle Rebbe subsidiary Korefe. Go to Article

Trends "Circle Break" and "Trixelate"

Our example: The shape of the broken circle is part of the new word and image brand of the winning logo of the competition for the Kulturquartier Speicherstadt Hafencity. The pixel optics, which can be found in bright colors within the letter Q, are just as interesting. This logo thus combines two logo trends identified by Gardner. Go to Article

Trends »Naive« and »Detail«

Our example: The following corporate and logo design for the Eastlake Brewery by design studio Rice Creative combines two different trends, but they have something in common: playfulness and a wealth of detail.

The »Naive« trend is characterized by a figurative design. The patterns and shapes represented by the wave-like lettering speak for the »detail« trend. Especially vintage labels with a traditional background seem to like to use detailed designs. Go to Article

"Concentrak" trend

Our example: A pulsating corporate identity for the Swiss storage network »Tiko« was created here. Gardner calls the trend Concentrak and describes it as one that works with repetitive shapes. It's a game with concentrically arranged circles, hence the name. Go to Article

"Dot Tip" trend

Gardner assigns a logo that does without sharp edges and corners to the “Dot Tip” trend.

Our example: The optician Apollo had his new company logo designed by GrandVision. Numerous points form the new figurative mark in the logo. The word mark has also changed.

"Coded" trend

Our example: The University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern already »coded« its corporate design including logo at the end of 2014.

Also interesting:

What does the design industry say about the new Facebook logo?

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Tips for logo design

This article was first published on PAGE Online: 2015


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