Xtra PC is a legitimate product

Xtra PC Test: The USB PC wakes up the tiger in your old computer. Legitimate or rip off?

Xtra PC Test: Many wonder if this stick a legitimate device, or is fraud. So in this article we are going to do an Xtra PC test to find out for you how good the product is and which of the two cases applies.

Xtra PC experiences: In the Xtra PC test we will also work out how it works, how the price range behaves, and whether it keeps its promises. You will receive a comprehensive answer to the question «What is Xtra PC».

Updated: May 16, 2021

You can find it here Answers to a wide variety of questionslike if you can still salvage your old computer with Xtra-PC, or if you just want to find out if it works or if you are wondering «what is Xtra PC». Just read my Xtra PC test and find out more about Extra PC.

What is Xtra PC and how does it work?

Xtra PC experiences: yes what is XtraPC and what is Xtra-PC good for? I have summarized all the details in this Xtra PC test and will now explain them to you in detail.

At first glance, you might think it's a normal USB stick, but it's a small flash drive designed to speed up your lame, outdated Windows by bypassing it. The stick is based on Linux and does not change the existing data on your computer because it is on a USB stick is running and you still have access to your old data.

We all know that computers are not exempt from having problems that can limit their speed, confidence, and functionality. Especially in old age it is inevitable that the computer slows down, but one does not always want to buy a new one. In this case, the stick is just right for you. Instead of a new, expensive PC, you can continue to use your old, familiar PC.

What is Xtra PC? We want Xtra PC experiences, who have turned out badly, don't believe and believe ourselves from the Functionality through the Xtra PC test let convince. Our Xtra PC experiences, however, were positive. What is Xtra-PC again? During production, the power of the Xtra-PC Linux was bundled and packaged in a small USB flash drive. Your old Windows OS is bypassed, so you can use Linux as your OS with your computer hardware.

It also works if there are defective hard drives or they are missing. To get it going, all you have to do is plug it in, reboot the PC, and it's ready. That works perfectly too - I tried it in my Xtra PC test.

What is Xtra PC, other features

There are also hidden features that are not yet in "What is Xtra-PC?" were called. The manufacturers didn't even advertise some of them.

It just can't Rejuvenate your computer, it can also be for Ensure privacy and security. Since you are using a foreign interface, Linux instead of your system's OS, it is not possible to track which Internet pages you have visited or what you have done. You move practically without a trace. In addition, you won't be using any of the data on your old PC anyway.

What is Xtra PC? Xtra PC experience shows that it ensures speed and capacity. You can use this for your own security and surf the Internet without being spied on or tracked. It is also an important factor that you protect yourself effectively against viruses. These advantages are useful for online banking, checking emails and chatting without containing sensitive information.

According to your Xtra PC experiences the device may not seem secure enough to you. Then you can remedy the situation with an additional Linux VPN, which ensures further anonymity on the Internet. In combination with the Xtra PC, you can also save your data on the stick and access it from PC to PC.

What is Xtra PC and is the gadget expensive?

After our Xtra PC test and the Xtra PC experiencesthat have been described in this article, your impression may be that we are talking about an expensive luxury gadget. And you're right, it's expensive compared to regular USB sticks, but again, it's far cheaper than buying a new computer.

If you're stuck with your old computer, this Xtra PC review could bring new hope to your everyday technical life. As with many products, there is also the option of selecting other capacities, sizes or speeds, which can lead to lower prices.

»Xtra-PC Turbo 16

The Xtra-PC Turbo 16 is the cheapest and easiest version of this USB stick. The regular price is included $49,99, but they have an ongoing sale that can save you 30%. It has 16 GB of storage that allows you to surf the Internet, stream videos and play online games at high speed. For us, the Turbo 16 has the perfect size of the USB stick among the three versions. As a layperson you can get your first good Xtra PC experiences with this version and get into the topic.

»Xtra-PC Turbo 32

The most popular flash drive is the Xtra-PC Turbo 32. You can get it at its regular price of $ 82.99 buybut there is an ongoing sale so you can get it at almost half the price. Compared to the Turbo 16, the Turbo 32 has more speed and storage space. Its compact size makes it the smallest, although it has better features than the Turbo 16. If you want to completely redesign your laptop or computer, the Xtra-PC Turbo 32 is the perfect choice for you.

»Xtra-PC Turbo 64

If you're looking for a more robust feature, this is it Xtra-PC Turbo 64 inspire. This baby can store all your files with its 64 GB storage capacity, your photos, videos, documents and music. Its blazing speed allows you to upgrade and refresh your slow and outdated computer. This model undoubtedly offers the best Xtra PC experience and is therefore not allowed in the Xtra PC test absence.

But what we love the most is the FileRez software which allows you to find and retrieve all the important files on your old Windows PC, even if it has crashed. Don't worry if you didn't support them! The USB stick is also larger than the two previous versions, so it's not easy to misplace. The Turbo 64 originally costs $ 159.99, but their ongoing sale will give it to you for 50% of the price.

If your Xtra PC experience is not as good as our test evaluation shows, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The provider promises a 30 day money back guarantee. There will also be a full refund if you are not satisfied at all. In de case, however, there are strict guidelines according to which it is decided whether products are accepted. So, before you send it in, be sure to read these guidelines carefully.

The bottom line: is Xtra-PC fraud or legal?

What is Xtra PC? Despite many claims that Linux is open source and therefore free to download and install, it is doing well for us. Even if you lack technical know-how, you can still operate the device.

Don't feel overwhelmed by all the technical aspects of setting up. From our own USB PC experience, we can say that we are very satisfied with the device. It brings new life to our old computers so that you could almost think they were new.

If you are a large user of software like Microsoft Office, you may have difficulty switching to an alternative office suite. Since the system runs on Linux, you may not be used to most of its features. But overall we believe the Xtra PC is so legal as it could be and we recommend it to everyone.

We look forward to your thoughts on the question “What is Xtra PC” and similar topics that are important to you. How to improve pc performance.

frequently asked Questions

What is Xtra PC?

This is a USB stick with which you can make your computer fit again so that it is no longer a lame duck, but works as fast as before.

Is the Xtra-PC USB stick difficult to use?

No not at all. The Xtra PC Stick is absolutely easy to use. No prior technical knowledge is required.

Is the stick expensive?

No, it actually saves you a lot of money because you don't have to buy a new PC.


Xtra PC

Xtra-PC is a gadget that can help protect your privacy at home or on the go. It allows users to run their computers faster and access files from their old PC, but it also allows you to use all devices anonymously. without leaving any traces. It runs on Linux and anyone can use it easily.

Data protection and security
Speed ​​and performance
Price-performance ratio
  • Erthonte privacy
  • Works on Mac or Windows PC 12 years or later
  • User friendly
  • Linux is neither Windows nor macOS