Testosterone is lowered

Abstinence also lowers testosterone levels

When men have satisfactory sex, testosterone levels drop rapidly. A few hours before kick-off is therefore not recommended to have a shepherd's hour with the player's wife. Biological reasons also speak against the Mohammed Ali cure: after several weeks of abstinence, the testosterone level drops.

The crucial question is how it is with sex the night before. Several studies have shown that physical performance is not reduced. However, almost without exception, the test subjects were long-term married couples whose energy consumption during copulation was estimated to be 25 to 50 kilocalories - this corresponds to climbing stairs to the second floor.

If feelings of success lead to the release of the dominant hormone testosterone in the national players with their partners, this could have a positive effect on the performance on the next day. However, if the stress hormone cortisone comes into play, for example due to a lack of sleep, it could mean a catastrophe for the football nation.

The great Ronaldo recognized this without any research. He revealed his secret on a Spanish TV show: “The man has to be pretty passive during sex and just let anything happen to him. It relaxes him and makes him happy, which leads to a real boost of energy. ”The Master has spoken.

The author is a microbiologist and director of the Institute for Biological Safety Research in Halle.

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