Should I get a compass rose tattoo?

Getting a Compass Tattoo: Meaning and Great Designs


Would you like to get a new tattoo, but unfortunately you still have no idea for the motif? Then this article will definitely help you! Here we introduce you to the Compass Tattoo - we will tell you all about the meaning of such a tattoo below, and you will also get some original design ideas to draw inspiration from. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and we hope you enjoy reading them!

Compass tattoo - the best choice for travel lovers

In the past, the compass was the only way sailors used the compass to get home healthy. Even today the motif is particularly profound, and for this reason it is preferred for tattoos. It is suitable for various parts of the body and can be combined very well with other motifs, which of course also has a certain influence on the symbolism. And before you decide on a modern compass tattoo, you should not only familiarize yourself with the meaning, but also with a few ideas and suggestions that you can also use as a model for your own tattoo - such a function is fulfilled by the photos in this post. A compass tattoo is the best choice for travel lovers in the first place. A great idea in this regard would be to have the names of your favorite destinations tattooed around the compass - regardless of whether you have already visited them or just have one wish. And for whom else is the tattoo compass a good choice? Read on to find out the answer!

What is the meaning of the motif?

The compass tattoo is particularly suitable for ambitious and determined people who always set clear goals in front of their eyes. And, on the contrary, the tattoo can help people who have still not found their direction in life and who do not know exactly where they are actually going. If you currently have the feeling that you are going through a life crisis, the compass as a tattoo motif can be a very good choice for you. Because in addition to ambition and determined action, the compass also stands for hope - for those who have somehow strayed from your path. In this regard, the motif also symbolizes a strong belief in God - if you are convinced that the compass will show you the right way with God's help. It is also considered a general symbol of the sea, so you can opt for such a tattoo out of love for the sea. Compass tattoos are often used as protection during long journeys - they fulfill this function on soldiers and sailors. Furthermore, the motif is also very popular with migrants because it represents home as a goal in life.

Get a compass tattoo - ideas and suggestions

When you get a tattoo compass, the needle can not only point north, as is always the case with a real compass, but in a direction you have chosen - so the tattoo would have a very personal meaning. The motif can be represented very differently, and in this respect you are spoiled for choice: an elegant, stylized compass, an antique pocket compass with a 3D effect that looks very realistic, a very abstract representation with lines and why not that too Star of the north, whose physical representation is actually the compass? The design works equally well for both men and women, and can be pricked on almost any part of the body - check out the photos for some inspiring ideas! Other motifs that can be combined particularly well with the compass are all maritime symbols such as ships, world maps, islands, stars, lighthouses, anchors and the sea. Other and somewhat more unusual options are flowers, birds, feathers, hourglasses, etc.

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