How often are aircraft ceilings cleaned

Lufthansa is also busy stealing

It is considered a minor offense. Quickly pack the cutlery or put the pillow in your pocket - many passengers believe they have the right to take things home with them from the plane. And not just in Economy Class, but also in the front of the plane. American Airlines, United Airlines and British Airways have seen significantly more thefts since they introduced higher quality bedding in Business Class.

The phenomenon was also noticed at Lufthansa - even before the improved bedding was introduced in Business Class. "We are also increasingly noticing the loss of equipment," said a spokeswoman for the airline. And that applies across all classes, as she emphasizes.

«Preventing large-scale sales»

"Blankets and pillows are popular to take with you to typical holiday destinations on the way there," she continues. They would love to be used as an improvised beach mat. They are also sometimes used as a piece of clothing - especially by travelers from warm countries who did not expect the European winter to be so cold. But cutlery and crockery are also welcome.

It is not always about such thefts for personal use. Items from the booth also end up at online auction houses, where they are sold. "In this case, the corporate security is switched on to prevent a sale on a large scale," said the Lufthansa spokeswoman. However, Lufthansa does not have any specific figures on passenger theft.

High costs

It is true that “our design and the comfort” would be appreciated and that the interest of the travelers would also be seen as a compliment, explains the spokeswoman. Nevertheless, the increasing theft means "for Lufthansa also an undesirable, significantly higher cost of materials and thus higher costs".