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Mito Blackblood

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You sweet little thing don't think you can do anything against me.

Mito Blackblood



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Hair color

dark brown with red tips

Character specific

Mito Blackblood (real name Kirari the Cat) is a 17-year-old cat who is undercover as a murderer. She is currently studying chemistry at Westopolis University.


Mito seems to be calm, which she actually is. But they shouldn't be underestimated; Mito is calm, but don't provoke them, as this can turn out badly. Mito is also incredibly intelligent, which she often puts on the show and likes to show off and like to clarify her superiority, she is a strategist who can think logically and is generally very cunning.

But Mito is also pretty cheeky. If someone is getting stupid or trying to take an important person away from her, she can be insulting and naughty. She can also show some Yandere properties, which is why she doesn't care who or what hurts her in order to get what she wants.

Mito sometimes has psychologically unstable phases in which she really turns away. You don't want to experience them in such phases.



Mito is an average tall, but quite slim young woman with a voluptuous build and a thin face. It has brown fur almost all over its body. However, some parts are white. Her hair is dark brown in which she dyed red strands. Her eyes are red as well. She cut off the tip of the tail and replaced it with a knife.

Former appearance

When Mito was still "normal" she looked a little different, more innocent. Before the poison accident, she still had blue eyes and her hair was a lot smoother, and her highlights were also blue.


Mito dresses in a schoolgirl style. She wears a white sailor school uniform shirt with a red collar and tie. In addition a red hot pants. Her shoes are made of equally red ballerinas. At the tip of her tail she has attached a knife blade, which is connected to her tail and is therefore poisonous.


Family life

Kirari had a carefree family life, a mother who loved her more than anything and a father who was always there for her. She enjoyed family life until she was in the middle of her 13th year, when it became known that her mother had a serious illness which shook Kirari badly. Especially since her mother was hospitalized on her 14th birthday. She cried day and night, but knew that her mother would no longer get well. It got her ready to see her suffer just as her father broke up over it.

She heard him explain to her that her mother was going to die, but only because the doctors didn't want to risk research, or rather because they didn't have enough money to pay. This made Kirari incredibly angry that a feeling arose in her that she did not know. She went to the hospital one night to speak to the doctors.

Like one of the doctors, she noticed that she deliberately gave her mother small doses of poison so that she died faster and suffered less, this sentence triggered something in her. Kirari went to the doctors to be frightened. She asked her one last time to save her mother - they said no.

First murders

Kirari took a knife that was lying there and killed one of the doctors with it, the others were stunned, with enormous speed she stormed towards the second and severed his carotid artery. The third wanted to flee but was also caught. Koneko was shocked by her own act and fled the scene. She locked herself in your room for three days and stared at the knife. She did not feel a sense of remorse, but rather a mixture of fear, satisfaction, and joy. Kirari remembered the sentence that one doctor said and knew she had to go to the hospital. Kirari met her mother when she went to the hospital again at night and gave her a warm welcome. She asked if her mother hates her, she said no, but stabbed her mother to death shortly afterwards because she didn't want to see her mother slowly suffering but wanted to show her the way to paradise faster. Strangely, Koneko didn't cry, she couldn't go back cold but after the act.

Kirari noticed how much her father was upset by the death and was even scared when she heard him talk. Koneko no longer dared to go to sleep without her knife, it was her closest companion, which is why she hid it under her bedspread. Koneko heard your father and pretended she was sleeping, she was really shocked when he turned around and she saw the butcher's knife. She was angry, disappointed and sad. that she stabbed him, because she no longer wanted to respect the suffering of her father.

Kirito Blackblood

Kirari fled from her home, she could talk herself out of it with self-defense, but there was still the blood from her mother and the doctors on the knife. She knew she had to create a new identity. She dyed her tips red because her father dyed his hair red as well and named Mito the Cat, after her mother's middle name.

Mito lived a life as a street child and murdered every now and then to find shelter for a few days, mostly with old or sick people to relieve them of their suffering, one day a man who disguised himself as a streetwalker came and asked Mito to provide her with a place to stay that she consented to.

However, she didn't know that this guy was a bizarre smuggler, he was an organ dealer and wanted to take her organs for the black market, so he drugged her and chained her knife he found quite quickly and put it on the table. Mito woke up before it started and was able to free himself, the organ dealer tried to overwhelm her. He hung loose on her with her knife, wiping her off, but he cut off part of the tip of her tail which caused her hellish pain. She fell into a steel table where texic fabrics were stored, a substance leaked and penetrated through her skin and the open walls.


Mito died from it but absorbed the liquid. Her blood got a little darker and her character changed, from the shy little but killing girl to an insane murder machine with a lot of self-respect and a certain arogance. The dealer shrank back a little. Mito attacked him in a flirtatious tone and kissed him, she bit her lip beforehand so that blood came out and bit his lip when kissing, so that her blood came into his blood. He quickly died from the effects of poisoning. Mito went to her knife, broke the blade out and stuck it in her tail, which grew over immediately. She tied 3 red rings around it.

Mito left the room and since that day has not only hunted people who suffer from it, but also which ones cause it or stand in her way.

Today's life

Mito morded from time to time could not be captured by her intelligence and her precise approach until today, she began to research and to develop a love for chemistry and science, which could make her even stronger, through manipulation she got a place at the university Westopolis University where she shares her dorm room with Luana McDuffin.



Kirito is incredibly fast, her speed allows her to master frontal attacks perfectly. Kirito can reach an incredibly high speed and sustained it for a long time, which makes it impossible for its victims, if they are normal citizens, to escape.


Due to the toxic change, Mito's wounds heal almost by themselves, which is why they have survived many attacks, but their regenerative power is limited.


Kirito is very precise, she attaches great importance to accuracy. This is the reason why her movements are so precise and she can dodge well. incidentally, it ensures that your attacks almost always apply. You can see this especially in her tail, which leads her blade.


Her endurance is also quite good. She is able to sprint for long distances without getting tired, nor does she need any major breaks to get fit again.


Her acrobatic performances are also worth seeing. Their precision makes them look like professional tricks, but they can be a well-planned escape or a vicious attack. She likes to train them every now and then, as acrobatics gives her a lot of fun


Due to the toxic substance, her character changed and her body is thus immune to poison, but she can absorb a little poison to regenerate her wounds, but it is difficult to get it. Kirito can poison others with her blood, they usually die in a very short time, but there must be a blood exchange of about 10 seconds at a time.

Berserk mode

When Kirito ingests a certain poison, she briefly enters a berserk-like mode, her wounds are healed and even severed clothes are recreated. Her Git is a lot stronger and incurable for a short period of time, but Kirito is usually so exhausted that she can hardly use her skills or collapses immediately, after which she sleeps about 10-14 hours



Despite her breathtaking skills, Kirito is a very weak girl herself and has poor chances in normal close combat. She can defend herself with a few throws, which however do nothing against experienced people.


ability rating
attack 10/10
Defense 5/10
force 3/10
endurance 10/10
speed 11/10
intelligence 6/10
precision 9/10
Toxicity 11/10

Connections to other characters

Huā the leopard

Mito loved her mother very much and was happy to have such a loving mother. Her mother meant everything to Kirito, she looked up at her and admired her from many different perspectives. She once wanted to be just like her. When her mother got sick, she was incredibly stressed and driven to terrible things. Ultimately, she took her mother's life to redeem her suffering.

Makao the Cat

Mito loved her father very much and was very close to him. The mother's illness welded both of them closer together and it hurt to see him crumble on it. She was still shocked that he wanted to kill her. She killed him to get him out of his suffering.

Canku the Cruel

Canku is Mito's cousin, which led her to look for her. She was surprised how big she was. Denncoh she was pleased how quickly they both got along. Mito really likes Canku and shares it with other mobians only with difficulty. She admires that she can be who she wants at Cancu

Carly Glasglow

Mito and Carly met by chance, because Carly was saved by her, she disguised thanks to her murders and secretly deleted and changed her data. Even if they rarely see each other, they refer to each other as friends.

Johanna the Hedgehog

Johanna and Mito share a close friendship, as Johanna has a lot of fascination for the girl, which she delights. She loves to try to upset what she can't.

Luana McDuffin

Luana and Mito are roommates who have a close relationship with each other. Mito often uses her to get information about her father Samuel, which is why Mito only wanted to take advantage of her at first, but she quickly felt sympathy for him. Luana knows about Mito and promised to keep quiet, which is why after some time they each received the status of best friend. Mito would without hesitation kill anyone who hurts Luana or tries to take her away from her, although she would still allow her a relationship, but only if he was suitable for Luana.

Teresa Creo

As a capable policewoman she is considered to be Kirito's enemies, personally she has nothing against the policewoman, but she wants to get too close to this policewoman, because she is not as incompetent as many other policemen.


YOU mean I'm insane? You mean insanely hot owo”— to one of their victims
Of course I loved my parents, so I didn't let them suffer (anymore) ...”— When she was asked if she didn't love her parents
I killed her myself, I couldn't let anyone else take her away from me darling”— If you ask her why she did it herself
This poison was wonderful, after that my horns shot out like anything else

Theme song


  • Kirito likes nightcore music.
  • Mito strangely likes trash cans
  • Despite her mother's story, Kirito has no grudge against doctors because there are enough good doctors out there.
  • Kirito likes frilly underwear best.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • As a child, she once wanted to be a biology teacher.

additional Information

  • Items that are always with you: The blade on her tail
  • Job: Murderess, student
  • Personal goals: Taming inner demons
  • Human size: 1.70 m
  • Spiritual views: no
  • Linguistic patterns: Happy, seductive, playful, dangerous
  • Habits: Test toxic substances
  • Phobias: Strong fear of losing loved ones
  • Name meaning: unknown
  • Date of birth: May 18
  • Sexual orientation: Bisexual
  • Love interest: Nobody