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Making calls in Switzerland

  1. EU roaming in Switzerland:
  2. German network operator tariffs
  3. Prepaid cards in Switzerland
  4. VoIP and WhatsApp Call
  5. Fixed network in Switzerland

Roaming in Switzerland

Regardless of whether you are on vacation or on a business trip: It is also important to be mobile when you are abroad. In almost all European countries, thanks to the EU tariff, this is now possible without roaming charges, so that you pay the same prices for calls, SMS and mobile Internet there as in Germany. This regulation does not apply in Switzerland alone. So there is still a risk of high cell phone bills here.

Even if only you by you should consider this when driving in Switzerland. As long as you are in the Swiss Confederation, it might make sense to deactivate the mobile data connection, otherwise you may incur costs for receiving e-mails or WhatsApp messages.

Incidentally, this risk also exists in the German border area with Switzerland: If a Swiss mobile network sends a stronger signal than the German network, the mobile phone may log into the Swiss network unnoticed, even if you are still on German soil. You can only avoid this by calling up the network selection in the menu of your mobile phone, deactivating the automatic network selection there and instead explicitly selecting your German home network via manual network selection.

German network operator tariffs

Making calls in Switzerland
Image: Customers with a Telekom mobile phone contract need not be afraid of roaming charges in Switzerland. At least as long as you have booked the standard all-inclusive tariff. In this, the conditions of the EU tariff for Switzerland also apply. You can read more about this in our Roaming at Telekom guide.

Vodafone and o2, on the other hand, offer special roaming options with which you can make calls at reduced prices in Switzerland. You can find out more about these tariff options in our Roaming at Vodafone and Roaming at o2 guides.

Prepaid cards in Switzerland

If you are in Switzerland for a longer period and want to use the phone more often, it might be worthwhile to purchase a prepaid card on site. You do not enter into a contract and receive credit that you can call and top up when and how you want. However, caution is advised when calling Germany: Many local standard tariffs are cheap within Switzerland, but international calls are expensive.

Make calls with a local prepaid SIM With the prepaid card you also get a Swiss phone number under which you can be reached without having to pay for incoming calls. Swisscom Mobile has the best-developed network, but Salt Mobile (formerly Orange) and Sunrise have also continuously optimized their networks in recent years and offer good reception in almost all parts of the country. If you want to know exactly, you can also view network maps on the GSMA World page under "Coverage". We have summarized the prepaid tariffs in Switzerland on a separate page.

Make free calls in Switzerland - VoIP and WhatsApp Call

Calls from Switzerland to Germany via the Internet can even be free of charge. At least from free WiFi hotspots or, if the data volume is large enough, via the 3G or 4G network. Many hotels either offer an open WiFi network or the access data are available at reception - some free of charge, some for a fee.

WhatsApp calls: safe and inexpensive!
Logo: WhatsApp, Montage: Another option are bars and caf├ęs in Switzerland, which often provide free WiFi for their customers. In Switzerland, registration is mandatory for all public WiFi access. After registration, you can surf for free in many places.

A call from Switzerland to Germany is also safest if you use a messenger with encryption, such as that offered by WhatsApp Call. This means that it is currently technically impossible to listen to such a conversation from the network. Only who has been on the phone with whom and for how long is logged.

One last option is WiFi calling in Switzerland. In particular, calls to Germany can be very cheap here. You can read more about this in our guide to WiFi calling abroad.

Use the fixed network in Switzerland

If you want to make longer calls from Switzerland to Germany, you can also use the landline network. However, you shouldn't just pick up the handset of the hotel phone and dial a German number, because most hotels use their own tariff model in order to earn money on the phone calls. The use of calling cards or callback offers often makes it cheaper.

Attention: In many hotels, room telephones are more expensive than the local landline connection.
dpa In order to be able to use callback offers, the room telephone in the hotel must be reachable under a specific extension number. On the other hand, you have to ask at the hotel reception whether calling cards can be used. A completely normal Swiss landline connection, for example in a holiday home, allows the use of both calling cards and tariffs with the callback procedure. If you are looking for a cheap landline tariff for calls from Switzerland to Germany, you can either purchase a corresponding calling card on site or find out beforehand using our calling card tariff comparison.

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