How should I start learning Ruby

Learning to program - which language, what to look for and how to start?

The list of programming languages ​​is incredibly long, so we'll take a closer look at the most common ones here. A full list of all programming languages ​​can be found on Wikipedia.



Most common reasons for learning to code

Here we present the most common reasons for learning to program. There are certainly other good reasons, but you hear the statements mentioned again and again.


  • Create a mobile phone app
  • Video game creation
  • Building a website
  • Desire for wealth
  • a seemingly unbelievably ingenious idea of ​​function and flash of inspiration
  • Build robots that rule the world

But don't worry, if your reason isn't there, don't worry now. In the next step, let's get to how you actually learn it.



Learning providers for programming

After we have completed the question - which language it will be - we come to the next point. Anyone who starts to learn programming will quickly notice that the range of teaching materials is overwhelming. Every second page advertises free services and instructions. You will sweat your way through programming forums, thick stacks of books and an infinite number of dry codes until you realize that it might be easier.


Of course, everyone has their own way of learning and some people find the book better than interactive learning materials. In addition to countless YouTube videos, which are sometimes better and sometimes worse, there are some really good providers of learning material that lead you to success in a targeted manner and are not even boring. Before you start, ask yourself whether you like to study alone or in a group? Do you need a teacher or do you study in private? A good way to go in between is video training.


Most newcomers to programming want to build a website or mobile phone app, or a program that does a certain job on the website. For such websites you should start with HTML (this is not a real programming language, it is just written), followed by CSS (to build a decent design) and finally PHP (to learn programming and enable certain functions).


Well-known and certainly good contact points for learning to program are the following providers:



Video2Brain the video teacher

Our favorite among the teaching providers is Video2Brain: