What does aesthetic dentistry include

Aesthetic Dentistry - Importance and Main Areas

In addition to prophylaxis, professional tooth cleaning and gum treatments, the fitting of partially or fully ceramic dentures is also part of the field of aesthetic dentistry. With inlays (fillings) made of ceramic, small to medium-sized tooth damage can be repaired in a particularly aesthetic way. Inlays are more durable than plastic fillings and remain beautiful and stable over the long term. Unlike a plastic filling, an inlay is made in the dental laboratory, so it is considered a dental prosthesis, like a partial or full crown.

For many findings, crowns and bridges can now be made from all-ceramic: The newly developed materials are so stable that metal frameworks can increasingly be dispensed with in dental prosthetics. Many denture patients feel more comfortable and safer with metal-free, ceramic dentures, as they not only look the most natural, but are 100% allergy-free and perfectly biocompatible.

Aesthetic and healthy teeth are not only beautiful to look at, but also important for self-confidence, general well-being and the perceived standard of living.According to studies, dental aesthetics also have a major influence on professional success and the chances of finding a partner. Fresh breath and naturally beautiful, well-groomed teeth are important prerequisites for attractiveness and sex appeal for most people. The radiant smile is also a status symbol that is associated with many positive qualities - such as determination, generosity, assertiveness (“bite”), credibility, openness or leadership qualities.