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Walt Disney Studios Park

Discover the magical Disney film world: Adventure, magic and thrills await you

Walt Disney Studios is the second of the two theme parks that make up Disneyland Resort Paris. The park opened on March 16, 2002. At that time it was a kind of amusement park in its infancy. Because on this date there were only a few attractions compared to the neighboring Disneyland Park that attracted visitors several times, as the offer consisted primarily of various shows and only a few rides. But this has changed in the meantime, so that the Walt Disney Studios can really be viewed as an independent theme park in which you can easily spend a whole day. This will be the case at the latest with the large-scale expansion that is to take place by 2025/2026.

The name Walt Disney Studios already reveals it, everything in this amusement park revolves around the subject of film, from film production to the glittering world of the stars. Here you can take a look behind the scenes and get an impression of what the stars are doing during the shooting break or how stunts are performed or some of the technology that is used in filming works.
In addition, the world of animated films, especially from Disney Pixar Studios, comes to life in this park

The subject areas
Like Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios are divided into several areas: Front Lot, Toon Studios and Production Courtyard, each of which is themed. In addition, the backlot was added until mid-2019, but it is now closed to be redesigned into the new Marvel Land, the Avengers Campus.
The creators of the theme park copied the division into these four original areas from the real film studios in Hollywood, because like in a real film studio there is also the Front Lot area in Walt Disney Studios Park with its administration buildings and the large halls in which entire film sets are housed.
The outdoor sets, in which streets or landscapes have been recreated, can be found in the backlot area. Of course, the Toon Studios and the Production Courtyard should not be missing either, because everything here revolves around the world of cartoons and the production of films in general.

Park in transition
This concept is slowly but surely being abandoned, because some attractions that gave insights into the making of films or the world of cinema in general have now been closed or replaced by other things. In addition, the entire backlot was given up.
Walt Disney Studios Park is currently in a time of change and modernization. The trend is moving away from a classic studio park towards a film park.

Attractions & shows
In principle, fans of Disney and Pixar films get their money's worth in this Disney Park, but also all fans of roller coasters, carousels and other rides, because with the Tower of Terror and Crush's Coaster there are two thrill rides in the Walt Disney Studios . There are also various shows that have something to offer for every taste, as well as various other rides that provide varied entertainment. Walt Disney Studios is a park that is definitely family-friendly.