Why don't people trust moving companies

Only trust the moving professional!

If you want to move stress-free without hassle, you should only place your belongings in the hands of moving professionals! The Bundesverband Möbelspedition und Logistik (AMÖ) e.V. in Hattersheim am Main therefore advises consumers to only work with trustworthy moving professionals - recognizable by the AMÖ quality logo, the rolling kangaroo.

Moving is a very intimate thing. When strangers clear out your closets or put your treasures in boxes, you have to trust these people. If you want to be sure that you are not bringing a dubious company or even moving fraudsters into your house, you should pay attention to a very special quality logo - the AMÖ kangaroo. Because not all providers who pretend to be moving service providers also work according to current quality standards, which was also confirmed by a test by four moving companies by the ZDF consumer magazine WISO in November 2018.

This is where consumers should be suspicious:

  • The provider can only be reached by mobile phone or email
  • Incomplete provider address
  • Offers are made without VAT
  • Deductible in the event of damage or liability
  • You will be presented with a package deal and at the same time it should be billed “according to expenditure”.
  • Special offers such as "4 men, 1 truck, 8 hours - for 320 euros"
  • There are horrendous prices or price increases for extra hours or elevator provision.
  • Flat-rate surcharges are levied for assembly, plant transport or the like.

Tip 1: Get offers at www.umzug.org

Before using any moving service, you should get quotes from reputable companies. They get a precise overview of the moving goods to be transported in advance and also come to the customer's home. On this basis, you will receive a detailed offer that details all services. Afterwards, consumers can calmly weigh up whether the respective offer promises and can deliver the services they imagine. Usually this is much more important than the question of price.

Tip 2: Avoid risk - choose AMÖ_Specialist company

Consumers are on the safe side when they work with a moving company that has the "recognized AMÖ specialist company" certificate from the Federal Association of Furniture Freight Forwarders and Logistics (AMÖ) e.V. The companies awarded this award meet the highest standards in terms of relocation quality - from comprehensive advice and transparent offers to professional relocation and an invoice that meets the requirements of the tax office.

Tip 3: watch out for the AMÖ kangaroo

It protects consumers from black sheep. Serious and trustworthy moving professionals can be found on the Internet on the free and non-commercial moving portal www.umzug.org.