How can I add photos to Snapchat?

Snapchat: Post pictures from the gallery - this is how it works


Snapchat gives you the opportunity to take new photos, apply fun filters to them and share them with your friends. In addition, you can also post pictures from your gallery in the app.

How to post pictures from gallery on Snapchat

Users of the Snapchat messenger app can not only take and send photos directly in the app, but also share existing photos from the gallery with friends.
  1. To send pictures from the gallery to Snapchat friends, first open the app as usual.
  2. Press the "speech bubble symbol" of a chat in the app and select a contact to whom you would like to send a photo.
  3. Then tap in the respective chat on the "gallery symbol", which consists of a square with landscape and sun.
  4. The gallery of your smartphone will then open and you can select an image that you want to share.

Send pictures from the gallery to all Snapchat friends

If you would like to send a picture from your smartphone gallery not just to a single contact, but to all of your friends, this is also possible. For this to work, please switch to the camera view in Snapchat and tap on the "small circle". You now have the option of creating a story and adding photos from the gallery to it by tapping on "Recordings". These images are provided with a white border and can then be further processed with the available filters.

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