Can gravity be used as renewable energy


The Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars has developed a new technology with which electricity can be generated sustainably and free of charge, reported several media. The technology is suitable as an alternative to solar and wind energy. The energy is generated by a weight that is in permanent imbalance. The electricity from gravity is supposed to revolutionize the energy supply. The patent has already been applied for.

Theo de Vries, one of the two scientists who work with Ruijssenaars, explains the method as follows: With the intelligent use of gravity, mechanical pressure can be converted into electricity. One speaks of what is known as piezoelectricity. The energy yield can be increased from 20 to 80 percent.

The key factor is gravity

According to him, Ruijssenaars literally turned the method upside down and made scientists look at the method in a new light. Ruijssenaars said in a video interview with the Reuters news agency: "I tried to find out how gravity can be there one moment and gone the next, because electricity can be generated with change." He describes the mechanism as follows: When a weight that is barely balanced is unbalanced with little effort, a strong force can be generated at a single point at the lower end.

A gentle breeze is enough to generate electricity using a piezo generator. The remaining energy stored in the piezo spring can be used to bring the weight back into its unstable equilibrium position. This enables an ideal energy efficiency of 80 percent per cycle. But it is not a perpetual motion machine - after all, energy that is fed in is always required.

In the past six months they have worked on the physical proof of the technology. As was expected, gravity coupled with mechanical instability improved the efficiency of technology that converts mechanical pressure into electricity. Possible areas of application include sustainable and "clean" chargers for telephones or a generator for homes to generate electricity for lighting. (sg)