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Mega developments in RarelyUsed

On the occasion of our RU tournament let's take a look at RarelyUsed and see the advantages and disadvantages of the mega developments that can be played in the current RarelyUsed.

Mega Turtok

Mega-Turtok is due to its great penetration and its good utility bulk, the best spinner of the RarelyUsed and at the same time also the most used Pokémon of the animal. The mega-development from Turtok has an excellent offensive with a special attack of 135 base and also has a great STAB attack with the boiling water, which, due to its additional effect, has a subtle utility. Alternatively, it can also use the powerful hydraulic pump that makes it a better wallbreaker. However, this is significantly less precise and has very few AP. The aqua wave, on the other hand, is a combination of both, as it is more accurate than a hydraulic pump and, due to its mega-buzz ability, is also stronger than boiling water. But no matter which attack is used as a STAB, Mega-Turtok can hit Rock, Fire and Ground Pokémon very effectively with each one. To be emphasized here are Diancie, Rihornior, Skorgla, Nidoqueen and Mega-Stahlos, all of which mostly act as camouflage layers, which Mega-Turtok can safely defeat, whereby it can safely prevent their hazards. Furthermore, his ability gives him the advantage that it strengthens the auric sphere and the dark aura by 50%. The former hits Registeel, also a good camouflage paver, as well as Nachtara, Porygon2 and Relaxo very effectively, from which it is otherwise hopelessly rolled. In most cases, however, the dark aura is the better choice because it makes it easier to defeat spin blockers - i.e. ghost Pokémon - such as Apoquallyp, Duokles, Silvarro or Hoopa. Furthermore, it will not be rolled by Cresselia and receives a more pleasant match-up against the popular stealth layer Bonzong. Last but not least, it has the ice beam as a coverage attack with which it can defeat Plant and Dragon Pokémon such as Brigaron, Roserade, Tandrak or Viscogon. The first three mentioned are very well-known spikers / poison tips. Furthermore, Mega-Turtok has a great natural bulk with 79/120/115. In addition, thanks to its monotype water, it also has a useful resistance to fire, ice and water attacks. This combined not only ensures that it is often difficult to OHKOn, but also makes it a better Entei-Check.

Unfortunately, its biggest problem is that it does not have a reliable cure that will allow it to maintain its comfortable bulk. This is so uncomfortable because as a spinner you often have to switch to entry hazards and thus receive chip damage, which weakens you. Furthermore, his monotype gives him two uncomfortable weaknesses against electrical and plant attacks. In addition, with his initiative of 78 Base it is a good speed animal to be able to outspeed defensive and slower threats such as Nidoqueen, Kramshef or Monargoras, but is still outspeeded by many other threats and therefore an easy target for them to return is. Rotom-Schneid, Roserade, Viridium, Bisaflor and Rotom-Wärme are particularly dangerous because of their very effective STAB attack. Finally, because of its four-moveslot syndrome, it is always rolled by certain Pokémon, as it usually has to choose between the auric sphere and the dark aura.

Nonetheless, Mega-Turtok is one of the best Pokémon in RarelyUsed due to the fact that it is a very good spinner and bulky wallbreaker, which is especially appreciated by bulk offensive and balanced teams.

Standard set:

Offensive spinner

Blastoise @ Blastoisinite
Ability: Rain Dish
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Rapid spin
- Scald / Hydro Pump
- Ice Beam
- Dark Pulse / Aura Sphere

The standard set from Mega-Turtok, which can outspeed Pokémon such as Hoopa, Fruyal or Nidoqueen with maximum initiative and with 252 SpAngr-EVs brings excellent penetration. Thanks to its natural bulk, it can also be exchanged for Pokémon such as Nidoqueen, Rihornior, Bronzong or Mega-Steelless, in order to either remove their stealth stones or to hit them very effectively with the corresponding coverage attack. With Mega-Turtok it is important that you predict a possible change of the opponent well so that it can directly exert the appropriate offensive pressure. If a wall is possibly substituted against the Mega-Turtok due to a lack of coverage, it is better either to make a double change or to use the boiling water to force a possible combustion, which weakens the corresponding Pokémon on its defensive.

Counter and checks

  • Special walls: Milotic and Florges are the best counters for Mega-Turtok because of their immense special defense. If he renounces the aurasphere, it will also be countered more easily by Relaxo, Porygon2, Nachtara and Registeel, while renouncing the dark aura brings him a worse match-up against special defensive Cresselia, Apoquallyp and Bronzong.
  • Plant Pokémon: Shaymin, Viridium, Rotom-Schneid and Roserade all outspeed Mega-Turtok and can easily defeat it with their STAB plant attack.
  • Electric Pokémon: Rotom-Heat and Rotom-Schneid are both faster than Mega-Turtok and hit it very effectively with their STAB electric attack. Voltula can also defeat Mega-Turtok with the thunder, which makes it harder for him to remove the adhesive net from him. Last but not least, Mega-Ampharos survives an ice beam at full HP and can OHNKn Mega-Turtok with the thunderbolt.
  • Passive damage: Due to its role as a spinner, Mega-Turtok is often substituted into entry hazards from which it receives passive damage. This ensures that it is easier to defeat and that its switch-in option is also made more difficult.

Mega steelless

Mega-Stahlos is one of the best walls and camouflage layers currently available in RarelyUsed. With a monstrous defense of 230 base and a pleasant HP base of 75, it has an excellent physical defense. In addition, his type combination, made of steel and soil, gives him many useful immunities and resistances. Thanks to its poison immunity, it cannot be poisoned as a wall, while its immunity to electrical attacks makes it a good voltage change and general electrical switch-in. It also has a resistance to rock, beetle, dragon, fairy, flight, normal and steel attacks. This combined ensures that it can check Pokémon such as Guardevoir, Schwallboss, Mega-Ampharos or Cavalanzas wonderfully hard, because with its attack of 125 base and the two STAB attacks Earthquake and Rammboss it still has the necessary penetration power. to be able to defeat the mentioned Pokémon. In addition, this combined with the curse or the toxin allows him to defeat many hazard removers, such as Grypheldis, Skorgla, Forstellka, Symvolara, Florges, Elfun or Magic Mirror Psiana, so that his stealth stones remain safely on the opposing side. This point raised is a very important point why Mega-Stahlos is so good at RarelyUsed. In conclusion, with robustness, it has a very good preliminary ability to become impossible OHKOt with full KP.

However, it loses against the other part of the hazard control. Due to its type combination, it has a weakness against fire, water and ground attacks, while it is effectively neutral against attacks by plants. In addition, it has a mediocre special bulk because of its KP base and the special defense of 95 base. In conclusion, it is outspeeded by 30 base from every Pokémon due to its grotto bad initiative. This ensures that the Hazard Controllers Mega-Turtok, Rotom-Schneid, Lavados and Rotom-Heat can defeat it very easily, whereby they can also keep its stealth stones constantly from their own battlefield. However, his weaknesses bring him further serious disadvantages in the current RarelyUsed, because in addition to the Pokémon mentioned, Nidoqueen, Entei, Amfira, Vulnona, Kosturso or Shaymin have a very high usage or are becoming more and more common in animals. Finally, Mega-Stahlos has no reliable healing options, which means that it can easily be weakened in its defense by chip damage.

Overall, Mega-Stahlos is definitely one of the best Mega-developments that the RarelyUsed has, because due to its ability to defeat many hazard removers, it is an excellent stealth inserter, which also brings a wide range of defensive utility with it .

Standard set:

Camouflage insert

Steelix @ Steelixite
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 36 Atk / 220 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Heavy slam
- Earthquake
- Stealth Rock
- Curse / Toxic

The best known set of Mega-Stahlos is played with a tough being and 36 Angr-EVs, so that Schwalboss can OHKOn safely with the Rammboss as well as Zygarde-10% and Kramshef with a high probability. Furthermore, this investment ensures that after two curses Skorgla can 2HKOn, so that it is no longer rolled by it. The remaining EVs then go into CP and special defense for a better mix-bulk, in order to be able to handle Pokémon such as Schwalboss, Meloetta, Mega-Firnontor, Geradaks or Kramshef better. The most important task of this set is to lay the stealth stones as early as possible so that they passively weaken the opposing team. After that, it should be used more for checking and countering the relevant Pokémon.

Counter and checks

  • Fire Pokémon: Entei, Amfira, Rotom Heat and Lavados are all very dangerous for Mega Steelless, as they can easily take him out of the game with their STAB fire attack. Rotom heat and molasses in particular are very good answers here, because they can also switch to both STAB attacks from Mega-Stahlos and at the same time remove their stealth stones by loosening them.
  • Water Pokémon: Offensive Water Pokémon, such as Mega-Turtok, Impergator or Araqua, can easily defeat Mega-Stahlo with their STAB attack.
  • Plant Pokémon: Due to its ground type, Mega-Stahlos is neutrally hit by plant attacks, whereby Shaymin and Roserade can cause extreme damage to him, as they also hit him on his worse special defense. Rotom-Schneid, on the other hand, can not only defeat Mega-Stahlos, but also waves it completely due to its type combination and ability and can also remove its camouflage stones with the loosening.
  • Battle Pokémon: Kosturso, Pandagro and Viridium are all strong fighting Pokémon that can quickly wrestle Mega Steelless with their corresponding STAB attack.
  • Skorgla and Milotic: Skorgla can defeat Mega Stahlos in the match-up due to its STAB earthquake and the resting place in the long term, but it quickly loses the match-up if Mega Stahlos plays the curse instead of the toxin. Milotic, on the other hand, waves Mega Steelless completely and can also defeat it safely. Furthermore, with healing, it can also negate severe poisoning by the toxin.

Mega Ampharos

In the current RarelyUsed, Mega-Ampharos is an excellent anti-meta wallbreaker that can very easily bring many of the animal's defensive cores to their knees. With a special attack of 165 base it has a great penetration power, which is additionally reinforced by its two STAB attacks, Thunderbolt and Dragon Pulse. With the electric attack, it hits bulky flying and water Pokémon, such as grypheroids, moltos, milotic, apoquallyp or slow-smoking, very effectively. The dragon pulse, on the other hand, can have almost all electrical resistances or immunities, such as Tandrak, Viscogon, Skorgla, Rotom-Schneid or Brigaron, 2HKOn. The focus push then usually rounds off its coverage, because it can use it to 2HKOn walls such as Mega-Stahlos, Relaxo, Porygon2 or Nachtara, which can withstand its two STAB attacks. Finally, it still has access to the voltage change, with which it can get the momentum away, because on the one hand it can react to changes in Pokémon against which it would lose the match-up, such as Florges or Cresselia, and on the other hand it can more easily enter its own team partners Game can bring. Another big advantage of Mega-Ampharos is its remarkably good bulk with a KP base of 90, a high defense of 100 base and a first-class special defense of 110 base. In addition, thanks to its combination of types, it has a pleasant resistance to electrical, fire, plant, water, flight and steel attacks. This together allows Mega-Ampharos to be easily exchanged for many Pokémon, such as Milotic, Apoquallyp, Rotom-Schneid, Rotom-Wärme, Vulnona or wrongly curled Wahlitem users, in order to be able to exert pressure on the opponent from there. Another important plus point of its bulk is that it is one of the few Pokémon that can safely switch to Duck's Ringing Fire.

However, Mega-Ampharos is definitely not perfect. His type combination gives him some useful resistances, but also four unpleasant weaknesses in the form of soil, ice, fairy and dragon. Furthermore, with its initiative of 45 Base, it is extremely slow on the move, which means that it can easily be revenged by a large number of Pokémon, such as Mega-Turtok with the ice beam, Mega-Firnontor, UHaFnir, Libelldra, Zygarde-10%, Kosturso or Pandagro. Finally, Ampharos is only really good in its mega development, because it allows you to fall back on the mentioned utility bulk.

Overall, Mega-Ampharos - even if Mega-Turtok and Mega-Stahlos are objectively the better Mega-Developments - is a really good Pokémon in RarelyUsed, because it can not only break walls, but also through the voltage change and the good utility bulk can also act as a pivot that many teams welcome.

Standard set:


Ampharos @ Ampharosite
Ability: Static
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
- Volt switch
- Dragon Pulse
- Focus Blast
- Thunderbolt

With 252 Init-EVs, Mega-Ampharos outspeeded defensive Pokémon such as Florges, Nachtara, Porygon2 or Registeel, while a maximally increased special attack gives it the best possible penetration. The most important thing about this set is that it mega-evolves as quickly as possible in order to get its better bulk and offensive, with which it can switch better into Pokémon, such as Milotic, Brigaron, Apoquallyp or Lauterfeuer von Entei, in order to get from there to put the opponent under pressure with his brute force. Mostly, however, you should use the voltage change to maintain the momentum and to bring your own Pokémon into the battle more easily. If the opponent has a Ground Pokémon on the team, however, you should be careful with the use of the Volt Swap, because if a Ground Pokémon is exchanged for this by the opponent, you usually lose a lot of momentum.

Counter and checks

  • Special walls: Florges, Cresselia, Bronzong or Porygon2 all have an excellent special defense with which they can waltz Mega Ampharos well. Furthermore, most of them still have a safe healing option to get an even better match-up by slowly defeating Mega Ampharos through attacks and passive damage. However, Mega-Ampharos can safely leave this often unwinnable match-up with the voltage change or react to the change with the voltage change.
  • Ground Pokémon: Nidoqueen, Zygarde-10%, Libelldra and Rihornior are immune to the voltage change and the thunderbolt and always have a very effective ground attack in the moveset. In addition, the first three are faster than Mega Ampharos, which makes it very easy for you to take it out of the game. However, if you want to switch directly to him, you have to be careful of a possible dragon pulse or focus push, which you can easily defeat.
  • Ice attacks: Mega-Rexblisar, Mega-Firnontor and Gelatwino hit Mega-Ampharos very effectively with their respective ice attacks, which together with their immense penetrating power can defeat it very easily. But even Impergator can easily defeat Mega Ampharos with the ice blow.
  • Fairy Pokémon: Guardevoir and Florges outspeed and hit Mega Ampharos very effectively with their moon power.

Mega Firnontor

Mega Firnontor is one of the best wall breakers that RarelyUsed has to offer. Thanks to its Frost Layer ability, all normal attacks become ice attacks - which gives them the STAB - and amplifies them by an additional 20%. This makes the risk tackle its strongest attack, with which it can put a lot of Walls and bulky Pokémon, such as Grypheldis, Skorgla, Mega-Stahlos, Rihornior or Tandrak, under great pressure, as it also has a useful penetration power with an attack of 120 base owns. In addition, it has a STAB priority attack with the ice splitter in order to be able to revenge faster threats such as Zygarde-10%, UHaFnir and Wahlschal users such as Roserade, Monargoras or Guardevoir.In addition, there is the freeze dryer, which, thanks to the equally high special attack and the STAB, can also be used effectively to 2HKOn more easily with bulky water Pokémon, such as Mega-Turtok, Milotic or Apoquallyp. The strongest attack, however, is its explosion with which it can cause immense damage to many Pokémon and creates a free switch. Finally, it still has access to the earthquake so that it can hit Fire and Steel Pokémon, such as Entei, Duokles or Registeel, very effectively. Another important offensive advantage of Mega-Firnontor is that with an initiative of 100 base it is a very good speed animal, which allows it to safely outspeed threats such as Entei, Roserade, Meloetta, Mega-Turtok or Nidoqueen. All these offensive advantages ensure that it is often very difficult to handle Mega Firnontor correctly and one is usually forced to switch. This is one reason why it can also play the spikers sensibly, because through the changes that it forces it can often place them in order to punish further changes. The other reason is that it can defeat many deffogers and spinners like Mega-Turtok, Grypheldis, Skorgla, Symvolara, Rotom-Schneid or Fruyal in one versus one, which means that they cannot remove its spines. The spikes also have a very good synergy with the explosion, because it safely prevents its hazards from being removed.

However, Mega-Firnontor also has clear shortcomings. First of all, it is hit by every entry hazard, whereby the omnipresent stealth stones are the most fatal because they lose 25% of their maximum HP with each change. In general, Mega Firnontor has a very bad monotype because, in addition to being weak in the rock, it also gives it a weakness against fire, combat and steel attacks. Furthermore, the risk tackle still has the bitter aftertaste that it causes recoil damage after every attack, whereby it weakens itself to a range in which it can be revenged more easily. It is also very problematic that Mega-Firnontor cannot 2HKOn some Pokémon, such as Cresselia, Bacon Layer Relaxo, Rotom-Heat or Duokles. This is where his 4-Moveslot-Syndrome comes into play, because if he goes without the freeze dryer, for example, then he gets big problems against bulky water Pokémon, such as Milotic or Mega-Turtok, while doing without the spikes in some of his Utility takes.

Overall, however, Mega Firnontor is a very good wallbreaker, which can also act as a revenger and spike layer.

Standard set:


Glalie @ Glalitite
Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Double-Edge
- Ice Shard
- Earthquake
- Spikes / explosion

The standard set from Mega-Firnontor, which can outspeed slower threats, such as hard Entei, Roserade, Meloetta or Yanmega, with maximum initiative and at the same time remains obese in the speed animal with Libelldra and Shaymin. The aim of this set is to break the wall, which is why it will mostly use the risk staple as this causes the most damage. However, if you suspect a change, then you can usually either use the earthquake when the opponent switches to a Steel or Fire Pokémon, or the Spike to passively damage opposing Pokémon. Furthermore, thanks to the ice splinters, Mega Firnontor can still be used as a revenger for e.g. Zygarde-10%, Libelldra after a dragon dance or choice scarf users such as Roserade or Shaymin. The most important thing to note in both cases is that you should never switch it directly into an attack because of its poor bulk. For this reason VoltTurn support is very useful for him because it comes into play better.

Counter and checks

  • Bulky ice resistances: Duocles, Speckschicht Relaxo and, above all, Rotom heat all resist Mega Firnontor's STAB attacks and can also cope with his coverage attacks. In return, you can either use it as a setup fodder or take it out of the game with a strong attack.
  • Fast Revenger: Most Pokémon that are faster than Mega Firnontor fear its ice splinters, with Wahlschal Guardevoir and Monargoras two surely surviving. Only Amfira is able to outspeed it and best to take in the ice splinters.
  • Passive damage: The recoil damage from the risk tackle, entry hazards - especially camouflage stones - and possible other passive sources of damage often ensure that mega firnontor is quickly weakened.

Mega rexblisar

Mega-Rexblisar is also one of the better mega-developments of the RarelyUsed. With 132 base each, it has a balanced penetration in both offensive values, which means that it can be played either specifically, physically or even mixed. The purely physical variant has the advantage that it can improve its offensive potential with the sword dance in order to break walls more easily. It also has a very extensive move pool with good coverage options. But its STAB attacks are not without: With the Blizzard it has a powerful ice attack, which quickly puts many walls, such as Scorgla, physical Cresselia or Mega-Stahlos, under pressure. To do this, it generates a hail with its hail alarm ability, which means that the blizzard will always hit during this time. In addition, it has access to the priority attack Ice Shards, with which it can revenge 10% faster threats such as Schwalboss, UHaFnir, Roserade or Zygarde. For the STAB plant attack, you often have the choice between the mighty mallet or the constant giant sucker to hit bulky Water Pokémon, such as Milotic, Slowking or Apoquallyp, very effectively. The former is usually preferred due to its higher strength, while the latter is weaker but does not cause recoil damage, but heals it for 50% of the damage done. For Steel-Pokémon, which resist its two STAB attacks, it then has the choice between the focus push or the earthquake, depending on how it is oriented. Last but not least, with a HP base of 90 and 105 each in both defense values ​​together, with its type combination it has a pleasant bulk to be able to easily switch to Pokémon such as Zygarde-10%, Milotic, Apoquallyp or Skorgla.

Paragraph But it still remains that his type combination is not really good, as it gives him many weaknesses, such as against combat, steel, poison, beetle, rock or flight attacks. The rock weakness is the most fatal because of the stealth stones, because they remove 25% of his maximum HP with each change. But the fourfold weakness to fire attacks is also very unpleasant, because common Fire Pokémon such as Entei, Vulnona or Amfira can easily revenge it and also resist the splinters of ice. Another problem is that its Mega Evolution initiative is reduced to a ridiculous 30 base, which means it can hardly outspeed any Pokémon - even defensive Milotic is faster. This makes it a very easy target for many revengers and usually has to take an attack before it can act. That is the reason for the big problems against more offensive teams that it has to deal with due to its poor combination of types.

Overall, Mega-Rexbliar is still a good Pokémon in the current RarelyUsed, which is often held back from being better than it actually is due to its strong shortcomings.

Standard set:

Mixed attacker

Abomasnow @ Abomasite
Ability: soundproof
EVs: 92 Atk / 252 SpA / 164 Spe
Rash Nature
- Blizzard
- Wood Hammer / Giga Drain
- Ice Shard
- Focus Blast / Earthquake

Probably the most famous set from Mega-Rexblisar. With the 164 Init-EVs it can outspeed Pokémon up to 50-Base, such as Tandrak, Registeel or Donphan, while the 92 Angr-EVs give it a stronger ice splinter for example Libelldra, Roserade or Shaymin and at the same time strengthen its mallet. You can also use it to register with the earthquake, if you play it, 3HKOn. The remaining EVs including the heated creature intensify his main attack, the blizzard. Mega-Rexblisar is a wallbreaker, which can easily be exchanged for weaker attacks such as Skorglas earthquakes or Milotics boiling water thanks to its subtle bulk. However, with the latter one must be careful of a possible burn. The best thing, however, is the VoltTurn support, because this Mega-Rexblisar is much easier to get into play. Thanks to the ice splinter, it can also act as a revenger for many threats, such as UHaFnir, Libelldra, Zygarde-10%, Roserade or Shaymin.

Sword dance

Abomasnow @ Abomasite
Ability: soundproof
EVs: 252 ATK / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Wood Hammer
- Ice Shard
- Earthquake

His sword dance set, however, also acts as a wallbreaker. The sword dance, which helps him break walls more easily, should be used against Pokémon that usually force him to switch due to his attacks, such as Milotic, Apoqullyp, Brigaron or Skorgla. After the setup, it can then usually punch large holes in the opposing defense to clear the way for its own sweepers. However, thanks to the ice splinters and the sword dance, this set can also act as a late game cleaner.

Counter and checks

  • Fire Pokémon: Amfira, Rotom-Heat and Entei both resist Mega Rexblisars STAB attacks and can easily take it out of the game with their Fire attack. Moltres can also do this, whereby it is hit neutrally by its ice attacks.
  • Steel Pokémon: Duokles, Cavalanzas, Bronzong, and Registeel both resist STAB attacks from Mega-Rexblisar. Here the first two can easily defeat it with their corresponding steel attack and their high attack, while Bronzong and Registeel can defeat it with the combination of toxin and protective shield.
  • Battle Pokémon: Kosturso, Pandagro, Machomei and Toxiquak are all faster than Mega-Rexblisar and can easily defeat it with their combat attacks. Kosturso can still switch to his mallet, while Toxiquak can switch to his plant attacks.
  • Bulky Pokémon: Even if Mega-Rexblisar has a very extensive Movepool, there are still some Pokémon on which it fails. special defensive Cresselia, Night Macaw, Porygon2, Bronzong or Bacon Relaxo are all Pokémon that are not 2HKOt from any attack - even the focus push is not enough for the 2HKO on Night Macaw and Porygon2 - and Mega-Rexblisar mostly outspeed.
  • Offensive pressure: Due to the defensively bad type combination and the miserable initiative, many Pokémon, such as Hoopa, Meloetta or Guardevoir, Mega-Rexblisar can easily revenge. However, many of these Pokémon, such as Roserade, Nidoqueen, Yanmega, UHaFnir or Schwalboss, fear the very effective ice splinter.
  • Passive damage: Mega-Rexblisar is hit by every entry hazard and stealth stones in particular are very fatal. The mallet also causes recoil damage. All of this and possible other passive sources of damage ensure that Mega-Rexblisar is very weak through borrowing.

Mega banette

Mega Banette is one of the poorer mega developments of the RarelyUsed. The reason for this is that it is largely outclassed by other offensive Ghost Pokémon, such as Duocles, Silvarro, or Hoopa. Although it has great penetration with an attack of 165 base, it lacks the boost attack that the other Ghost Pokémon have. Furthermore, his STAB attack, Darkclaw, isn't really that strong either, which reduces his actually good offensive potential. Another problem is that it does not have really good coverage in order to be able to deal more easily with bulky mind resistances such as Relaxo, Kosturo or Grypheldis. All in all, it all adds up to the fact that it often has difficulty getting through bulky Pokémon. Another problem is that it has only a subtle bulk of 64/75/83 and also has no safe healing options, which makes it very easy to defeat. His mono ghost type is also damaging to him, which gives him a weakness in the dark and thus makes him susceptible to persecution. In addition, Mega-Turtok and Fruyal can hit it very effectively with their corresponding coverage attack, which means that it cannot act as a spin blocker against them. Finally, with its initiative of 75 Base, it is a rather below-average speed animal, with which it can outspeed defensive and sometimes offensive Pokémon, such as Kosturso, Cavalanzas or Mega-Ampharos, but is still so slow that it is also very easy for many Pokémon such as Amfira, Entei or Guardeovir can be revenged and, together with their poor bulk, often have big problems against more offensive teams.

However, Mega-Banette still has some small special features. The greatest here is the combination of its ability and the exit collar, because thanks to the rascal it has a higher priority on this attack, which means that it can usually safely remove a dangerous threat, such as Geradaks after belly drum or Libelldra after dragon dance, out of the game. In addition, the mocker is given a higher priority, which ensures that opposing Pokémon, the AP of the leaving covenant, cannot defeat them through status attacks. It can also prevent opposing Pokémon from placing entry hazards against it or weakening it with status problems. Last but not least, Mega-Banette still has access to the tee with which it can, for example, remove the Evolith from Porygon2 or Skorgla, in order to weaken their defense.

Nevertheless, mega-banette remains one of the worse mega developments. The exit covenant with increased priority is very nice to take a dangerous Pokémon out of the game, but it has to sacrifice itself for it. In addition, it has very few AP and can fail on repeated use, making it not a safe tactic.

Standard set:


Banette @ Banettite
Ability: Frisk
EVs: 40 HP / 252 Atk / 216 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Destiny Bond
- Shadow Claw
- Gunk shot
- Taunt / Knock Off

The best you can get out of a mega banette. With the 216 Init-EVs it can safely outspeed hard junk, while the maximum attack gives it the best possible penetration. The Dark Claw is his main attack, while the garbage hit gives him the best coverage, as it hits normal and dark Pokémon neutrally effectively. This set of mega-banquets is wonderfully suited to taking an opposing threat out of the game, such as Impergator after a dragon dance or Amfira after a schemer, thanks to the rascal exit collar. You should also consider whether you can prevent the corresponding Pokémon from setting up with the mocker so that it cannot steal the exit covenant. An alternative to mockery is usually the discount to remove the item from opposing Pokémon, which is particularly useful against defensive Pokémon.

Counter and checks

  • Night Macaws and Gryphoidis: Due to the dark type, the night macaws and gryphoid are not only resistant to Mega-Banette's STAB attack, but are also immune to the mocker, as the rascal gives them a higher priority. Due to this immunity, both mega-banquets with the toxin and their corresponding healing attack can slowly but surely get out of the way and thereby bypass the waste covenant.
  • Status problems: Burning will cut Mega Banette's attack in half and deal passive damage, while Poisoning will set it on a quick timer. Both lead to the fact that the opponent has a possibility with which he can play around the exit covenant. But paralysis can also be very fatal if it prevents the use of the waste collar. However, Mega-Banette can prevent status attacks by, for example, Porygon2, Registeel or Cresselia with the Tramp Mocking.
  • Tanks: Tanks such as Cavalanzas, Aranestro, Kosturso, Mega-Stahlos or Rihornior can switch to the outlet collar of Mega-Banette in order to bypass it in the next round and defeat it with their corresponding attack. Furthermore, they all have an excellent bulk to be able to withstand any attack from Mega-Banette with ease.


Finally, we would like to talk to our strategy expert TTJonas19 for the help on this article while we look at Crystal want to thank you for quality control.