You can temporarily deactivate your Disney Plus

Cancel Disney Plus: Get out of your subscription in just a few steps


A Disney + termination is relatively straightforward. We have summarized the things you should still pay attention to here.

  • secure termination
  • immediate shipping
  • Important proof of access
  • Help with problems
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Whether on the go or comfortably on the sofa, canceling has never been easier than with the aboalarm app.

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For all Disney friends there has been March 2020a new streaming portal on the German market: Disney Plus. You have, however no time to use the offer more or are simply no longer convinced from your subscription, it's timeCancel Disney Plus. We show you how it works very simply.

Cancel Disney Plus: This is your notice period

Disney Plus subscriptions come with either one month or twelve monthrunning time. Independently of, Which model you have chosen, you can sign your contract according to the terms and conditionscancel anytime.

Basically it is advisable, a resignation not at the last minute to do. If it is Problems with your termination should come, you still have enough time, to respond.

Are you missing itto cancel your Disney Plus subscription in good time, extended it turns automatically another contract period. Missing the notice period for the monthly subscription means that you are Disney Plus another month have to relate. This is a bit more annoying with the annual subscription, since your membership is here another 12 months is extended.

Also the 7-day trial period from Disney Plus must have terminated in good time become. Otherwise the trial subscription will change automatically in a paid membership around. You can also use your subscription here until the end of the test period cancel anytime.

Disney Plus Cancellation: Possible online through the website

You can give your notice of termination regularly in Text form, that is, per letter, fax or e-mail, send to Disney Plus. We recommend that you always keep important documents such as a notice of termination by registered mail or by fax with a transmission protocol to send. This is the only way to get one proof that you actually sent your notice of termination.

Another option is to cancel directly via the Disney Plus website. To do this, log in and choose your profile the option "account" out. Now go to yours Billing Details and click on "cancel subscription“.

Disney Plus subscriptions obtained through the App store must have completed too terminated there become. You can find out how this works in our article Canceling subscriptions in the app store - the aboalarm step-by-step explanation.

Disney Plus contact details

Cancel Disney Plus with aboalarm: Cancel in under two minutes!

Would you like your Disney Plus termination in a few clicks behind you, use oursaboalarm cancellation service. All you have to do is put your data in our prefabricated and legally checked cancellation form and you can then cancel directly send online. You will then receive one from us Confirmation of cancellation by email.

If you have any questions about your termination with aboalarm, you can of course contact our at any time experienced customer service turn.

Disney Plus is not the right thing, is it? Revoke your contract!

Up to 14 days after the conclusion of the contract you have the option to sign your Disney Plus contract withdrawif you are not convinced of the offer. Just send a appropriate letter to the provider. One reason you need to Not specify. If you do not know exactly how to formulate such a letter, simply use ouraboalarm cancellation letter for Disney Plus. You can find it here.

If you have already used the services of Disney Plus before your revocation, the provider may be able to offer one Part of the fee ask of you.

We would like to point out that our articles are merely editorial content for informational purposes and do not constitute legal advice or the like.