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FaceTime is the name of the function that enables you to make video calls on the iPhone. It goes without saying that this function is not available in connection with any other smartphone, due to Apple's very restrictive corporate philosophy. Compatible devices are iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. FaceTime not only works with an active WiFi connection, but now also works with your mobile data connection. But what about that FaceTime data usage out? You can easily find out for yourself!

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Start a FaceTime call

First you need a FaceTime call in your call list. You are looking for anyone you want Contact who also has an iPhone or another compatible device and starts one FaceTime call. Alternatively, you can also have him call you.

Incidentally, FaceTime not only works via WiFi, but also via your mobile data.

Tip: If you want to make a video call with someone who does not have an iPhone, we recommend the video call via WhatsApp.

Find out FaceTime data usage

After you hang up, you open the "FaceTime" App on your iPhone. Tap on that "I"Symbol next to the call you have just made, which you can recognize on the one hand by the fact that it is at the top and on the other hand by the time or date of the call to the right of it. Alternatively, you can also get the data in the "Call log" in the "Phone"App.

In this detail view you can see all the FaceTime conversations that you have had with this contact recently. You can see whether it was an incoming or outgoing FaceTime call, how long it lasted and (in brackets) how many megabytes it used.

In our case, it was a 23-second conversation that cost us 5.9MB. In this way you can keep track of things and avoid FaceTime calls being too big for your data volume. Incidentally, the display of data consumption works regardless of the type of connection, i.e. both with an active WLAN connection and with LTE and 3G / 4G.

FaceTime data usage by connection type

The above call was made with the WiFi connection up and running. Calls over the mobile network consume less because the picture quality is lower.

For a better overview:

  • 1 minute via WLAN: around 10 to 20 MB
  • 1 minute via mobile network: around 2 to 4 MB
  • 1 minute via FaceTime Audio: around 0.5 MB

We recommend that you avoid calls via the mobile network, as this will quickly use up your monthly data volume. Basically, you should always make sure that you monitor your mobile data consumption if you do not have a flat rate tariff.

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