Distance and love are inversely related to each other

Proximity & distance in a partnership

Life is yin and yang. It is these opposites that go with it.

Up and down are part of life

It is normal to have feelings of closeness and distance in a partnership.

Even if some partners doubt their relationship during the phases of distance, these phases are still part of a good partnership.

Two different people cannot always have the same feelings for each other at the same time. Sometimes the desire for closeness is more pronounced in one and sometimes in the other. Something like that has a lot to do with the current feelings, experiences and distractions in the environment. If the distractions are great, such as during times of great work stress, it is normal to feel a little distant from your partner. Then the focus is less on the partnership than much more on the workload.

But there are also reverse phases. Certain thoughts or memories, a nice movie or the like can trigger an increased desire for closeness in one of the two. Ideally, the partner feels similar, and both relationship partners spend a time of familiarity and closeness again, as at the beginning of their relationship.

But if both have different needs at the moment, it can trigger frustration in the partner with the feeling of closeness that the other wants more distance. Please don't let THIS irritate you. It absolutely does NOT have to be a sign that something is wrong with the relationship. On the contrary: a good partnership can withstand this without falling into a crisis.

Conversations are also beneficial in this case. So it is possible for the relationship partner with the distance wishes to explain to his partner why he himself needs the distance at the moment. This explanation enables the other partner to show understanding and patience instead of reacting with despair and suspecting the end of the relationship. Good communication can help to clarify causes in good time and to recognize connections.

Take advantage of this opportunity in your partnership!





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