Do people really care about home security?

Security solutions for the home

A surprisingly triggered one Alarm system usually reliably throws burglars away. A simple version of the alarm system is the Passage detector. He works with Infrared light barriers and emits a warning tone as soon as the light barrier is broken. A big advantage is that easy installation. There is, however, the Risk of false positivesthat can be triggered by animals or the like. The installation of a complete alarm system is, however, much more complex. These systems consist of multiple sensorsthat are connected to a receiver and a siren by radio or cable. The sensors monitor selected areas such as doors, windows and rooms Foreign movements or glass breakage and trigger an alarm accordingly. Depending on the system, the alarm can also be sent directly to a Security company forwarded without the intruder noticing. In addition, you can mechatronic alarm systems be useful on doors: These will solve a break-in attempt electronic resistance out.

Tip: If you install an alarm system, do not use the window stickers supplied by the manufacturer, but use standard stickers. Otherwise, the manufacturer's name or the layout of the sticker tell the intruder what type of alarm system you have installed.