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Tips: How do I secure my apartment against break-ins?

The classic: the alarm system

"A burglar alarm system, or more popularly an alarm system, can be a useful addition to the mechanical protection," says Schmidt. If the system sounds the alarm, the burglar usually takes flight without stealing anything. In addition, the alarm system prevents the residents from running into the intruder's arms when they come home.

But: The technical expansion is not a must, says Schmidt. The installation is always an individual decision. Residents can also seek advice from the police on this subject.

The alarm system should definitely be installed by a specialist. Otherwise the device may not work properly or trigger false alarms. Here, too, it makes sense to obtain offers from various companies.

Extras: cameras and safes

If you don't feel safe enough with an alarm system, you can invest in various extras. "With a door intercom, the resident can talk to the visitor first before letting him in," says Schmidt. This can be expanded with a camera in the entrance area.

A more economical addition is a timer for the lighting: it automatically switches the light on and off and thus simulates that the resident is at home. A timer can also be attached for the roller shutters.

If you want to secure expensive valuables such as heirlooms or cash, you can buy a wall safe with a number code.

Guard your home with your smartphone

Smart home solutions are still quite young. They usually combine several products, including cameras, motion detectors and sirens, which can be controlled via an app on the smartphone. The resident can see that everything is going all day long via a live stream.

The start-up Comfylight combines this trend with an intelligent light bulb: a motion sensor switches the lamp on automatically when a family member comes into the room.

"The light bulb remembers the family's movement patterns and simulates them when nobody is at home," says Kathrina Baumann, an employee of the start-up. Should a stranger enter the house, the lamp immediately sends a message to the smartphone.

Always a topic: trick theft

Not every burglar uses force to break into the apartment or house. Scammers try to get into the home through an excuse to steal valuables. The perpetrators come up with tricks like these: